Character Design for Fawigi. In the fan made Mario & Luigi Game (title TBD) created by WikiGuest, Mario & Luigi are confronted by Fawful's headgear which holds the spirit of the fallen Fawful. The Headgear rockets over toward Luigi and attatches to his cranium. Fawful's spirit enters Luigi's body and takes over, a la Bowletta from "Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga". Mario must now battle Fawigi alone. Fawful's spirit can retract back into the headgear, allowing Luigi to take damage. Mario's counter attacks must be precise in order to avoid injuring Luigi. Mario's goal is the shatter the headgear in battle. When Mario defeats Fawful's invention, his spirit vanishes in the same fashion as Cackletta's ghost, after it leaves Bowser's body.

Fawigi is a Boss.

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