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Fawful Spirit
Gender Male
Current Status Dead (Again)
Main Weapon(s) Mouth
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Family and Relations
Fawful Spirit is a undead-boolike form of Fawful. He is a villain and boss in Super Mario: An Evil Rising.


The Debut Appearance

Fawful Spirit debuts in Super Mario: An Evil Rising. In this game, Mario discovers a hidden room in Princess Peach's Castle. After discovering Princess Peach in a crystal-like form, he tries to get her out of there, but Fawful Spirit blocks the door and challenges Mario to a battle to the death. After Mario defeats Fawful Spirit, Mario takes Peach to Dr. Toadley.


  • Fawful Spirit, even after death keeps quotes such as "I HAVE FURY" and "I HAVE CHORTLES!" and at the last moment of battle against Mario, "FINK RATS!"

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