Fawful Comet Relase

The Fawful comet being released by a black hole.

Fawful Comet Crashed STAROFLIFE

The Comet crashing into the Star of Life.

The Fawful Comet was a comet from a black hole and discovered by Fawful.


In the year, 1235, this comet was sucked into a black hole. It was just an asteroid before but while it was wandering in the Dark Matter, it crashed into a Supernova and got it's majestic super abilities. It wandered around with it's new companion for 763 years, and during those 763 years, it created a Alien Bacteria .

The Very Great, majestic, and powerful escape

On July 28,1998 at 1:23:24 PM, Fawful found it coming out of the Black hole A413564613141235235614 . He took a picture of it and put on the internet.

The Picture

The Government found the picture online and scientist went to work.

The studies

The scientists went and found that it's 764 years old, (These studies before and after these "(<-->)" are during May 15,1999 4:55:19 PM-July 4, 1999 2:07:20 PM) it has a supernova clanged on it, it came out of a black hole, and that it has Alien Bacteria. They tried to sent rockets and rovers out but they couldn't reach it's range and they kept getting destroyed in it's path. They had a interview with Fawful and named it the Fawful Comet.


Fawful did studies and found out that this comet's Bacteria is turning into a primate/Human-like cretures that look like him. He found ruins of "ancient buildings".

The Fawful comet and the Star of Life

On March 8, 2010 11:42:30 AM, the comet crashed into the Star of Life. Space Dust rose! Life looked up at the dusty explosion. The Sun lit dark.  And the birth of the Fawful Awfuls have been realized! And the comet ceased to exist.

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