Fawful (The Super Koopaling Channel)
ForceA Fawful
Fawful on the Rocket Mech.
Gender Male
Species Beanban
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Rocket Mech (see image)

Ray Gun
Vacuum Helmet
Sandwich of Awesome

Ethnicity Beanban Kingdom
Voice Actor(s)
Nami Funashima
First Appearance Toy Crush Dream

Fawful is the main antagonist of The Super Koopaling Channel since his first appearance in Toy Crush Dream. He is the creator of CrashDroider. Fawful gets many villains at his side by bribing them with the Sandwich of Glory.


Rocket Mech


Rocket Mech

The Rocket Mech (as it's called in the series) is a flying platform able to to lift Fawful, as well shoot missles, drop bombshells and incendiary bombs, and even shoot rays. Fawful often uses this to fly.


  • Fawful never throws off his cape except to transform into Dark Fawful.
  • Fawful is the only villain in the series to use weapons of war.

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