Fatima Temiz
Full Name Fatima Temiz
Current Age 23
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Dukhan, Qatar
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Quick reactions
Nationality Qatar
Ethnicity Qatari
Height 5'1"
First Appearance The Los Angeles Crew

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Fatima is a human from Qatar. She is an ex-FBI agent who has quick instincts.


Fatima is a short 23-year-old Qatari woman with dark skin and long black hair. She wears a blue sleeveless shirt, green skinny jeans and purple trainers. Her eyes are brown. She also has a necklace of a dinosaur tooth around her neck.


Fatima was born in Qatar, but moved to New York when she was just 3. She grew up around Manhattan and started to get to know the city well. When Fatima was 14, she moved to Washington D.C., and spent a good amount of time there. She finished high school and was asked to join the FBI straight after graduation. Fatima accepted and worked with the FBI for 3 years before ultimately leaving for a life in Los Angeles. Fatima met the team she works with now just after her 23rd birthday, and has settled into the city.


Fatima's personality bounces between calm and caring or lighthearted and jokey. She tends to be calm when helping people and jokey around friends.