Fates (SSBV Stage)
SSB Fire Emblem Series
Universe Fire Emblem
Availability Starter
Competitive Status Not Legal

Fates is a new stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. V. It is based off the large room where Aqua is seen dancing.


The stage is set on a circular red platform on a body of very shallow water that can be walked on. There are smaller platfroms based on the main red one on each end of the red platform in the air. There stage also has walk-offs. In the background various balconies and such can be seen. Also, Aqua can be seen dancing while battle is ongoing. Occasionally, she'll kneel and place her hands on her knees. Every once in a while a large Chandelier will fall from the ceiling above slamming down onto the red platform damaging fighters. After a while it magically repairs itself and goes back up only to come crashing down later on. The fighter's reflections can be seen on the platform and the water.

Ω Omega Version (Final Destination Version)

The Omega Version of the stage is simply the main platform with an oval-like shape hovering in the air in the same room. On the bottom surface of the platform a large chandelier similar to the one that falls is seen. Aqua can be seen in the background dancing on a higher platform surrounded by a waterfall.

α Alpha Version (Battlefield Version)

The Alpha Version with is the omega version with 3 smaller complementing platforms layed out.