Fateless Minds: Apocalypse Now is an RPG game set in a sci-fi planet, following the adventures of seven friends fighting a strange alien organization known as "The Spider." 


Fateless Minds uses a similar engine to most RPGs such as Earthbound or Mario RPG, with stats based on offense, defense, and magical attacks. There are nine stat points for each character divided into the categories, and the characters do not have their own specific weapons, but can equip weapons that are found across the game. Or in some situations you are forced to use a certain weapon to go along with the story (for example in the first battle you must use a tennis racket for a weapon, similarly to Ness' bat in Earthbound.) Each individual weapon alters your stats by just a little bit. You can also use branching story paths to decide which party members you want first or which planet you will explore to fight the next boss. 



The main protagonist, a boy by the name of Allen Vask, is infected by a mysterious alien parasite creature called a Pyromite, giving Allen the power to channel the alien's energies through his body to create fire. But soon the alien causes him to become deseased, and he calls upon his friends to help before his life is cut short. However, things begin to unfold, as their planet is invaded by an alien army led by a masked creature known as "The Architect." 

Full Story

The story begins with the protagonist Allen Vask going to a large park called "Midnight Park," with a tennis racket in his hand. He sits on a bench calmly, waiting for his friends, when he hears unusual footsteps coming his way. He finds a group of small, fire-like aliens and fights them using his tennis racket. (This is the tutorial battle.) He defeats most of them, but one enters Allen's body through a cut in his arm. Allen screams in pain for a while before the cut is healed, and replaced with a flame-like tatoo and his eyes turn from hazel to bright orange. 

Playable Characters

Character Name Description Stats
Allen Vask The main protagonist, Allen was infected by a strange alien organism known as a Pyromite, giving him pyrokinesis and super strength. He is an all-around character, but if a fight goes on for too long, the Pyromites inside his body begin to damage him. 
  • Attack: 3/5
  • Defense: 3/5
  • Magic: 3/5
Nikola Teryll Nikola is the first person Allen met on his adventures, and he tends to be wacky and silly, but is skilled in combat. However, his Magic and Defense aren't very good. 
  • Attack: 4/5
  • Defense: 2.5/5
  • Magic: 2.5/5


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