The Story Mode of the game, Fated Legends rather plays similar to Mortal Kombat X and Injustice, being each chapter has one different fighter. The cutscenes however play similar to SSBB'Subspace Emissary, with the addition of voices.

Chapter 1: Archer

Chapter 01-Archer

The story begins with Archer standing upon a hill. He looks at his surroundings and sees bloodshed in the messed up hell. He jumps down looking around in disgust yet remains calm. A staff is sent coming his way, which the Archer avoids. He turns around to see the Golden Queen glaring at him.

Golden Queen: My, my, looks like I've caught a Guardian on my hands.

Archer: You're not getting me that easily, so-called queen.

Golden Queen: I AM a queen!

The Golden Queen strikes with her staff, which Archer dodges, landing behind her. The Golden Queen turns around and prepares to fight.

Archer: I'll eliminate all your wrong doings now!

(Playable: Archer) (Opponent: Golden Queen) (Stage:Krossroads)

The Golden Queen falls down, in pain. She tries to reach for her staff, but the Archer steps on her hand, making it useless. The Archer snickers, then leaves the Golden Queen in agony.

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