Fatal Frame 4DS is the first Fatal Frame game for the 4DS. It is the seventh entry in the series, after Fatal Frame 5 for the Nintendo Wii U.


Gameplay in Fatal Frame 4DS is much like games like Face-Invaders or Pokémon Dream Radar. You move the 4DS around with the gyro-function and find ghosts to take pictures of them. This game is best played in a dark room for a scary experience.

In a past game of the Fatal Frame series, Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir, packed with the game came an augmented reality booklet that, when you scan it in the game, would do all sorts of scary things to your game. A new cursed memoir comes packed with this game, and is influential to progress in the story.


YOU are trapped inside of a haunted house. YOU must navigate the establishment and snap photos of ghosts. Get up close and personal with the ghosts for more points. Taking pictures from far away means you're a scaredy cat, and therefore you get less points. Mkay?

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