Boss - Fat Floyd
Location Crowtol
HP 2500
Attack 130
Defence 98
Alignment Bad
Battle Thought "I should've tried HIRING him!"
Oh, what is it now Lee-Lee... What the?! Who are you?
Fat Floyd, seeing Lucario

Fat Floyd is a mob leader and secondary boss of Chapter 2 in Lucario's Quest. He runs the west side of Port Crowtol with an iron fist, ruling over his gang and Pokémon, Lee-Lee, a Hitmonlee that is his main assassin.


Floyd had been a skinny, weak man before becoming the mob leader, once being called "Skinny Floyd", eventually gaining strength and eating loads of food without exercising. Over time he had turned into what he is now.

During the events of Lucario's Quest, Fat Floyd is holed up in his lair, sending out his Thugs into Crowtol, and when things get too out of hand, his assassin Pokémon, Lee-Lee.

Mayor Nolan sends Lucario and party to deal with Floyd, who had been causing more of a ruckus than usual, in exchange for the magic stone Nolan owns. Though Lucario and his friends eventually defeat the thugs, Lee-Lee, and Floyd, the mayor just seems to not be able to hand it over, to Lucario's anger. However, things change when the evil Ingset arrives with his goblins, threatening to destroy Crowtol. After defeating the goblins and their leader with a little bit of help from Floyd, the mayor formally gives Lucario the magic stone.


Floyd is commonly upset, angry, and raving, though he has a change of heart after his defeat, aiding Lucario in defeating Ingset and the goblins, becoming a "good mob boss".


His main attacks include slashing with his knife, punching, and bear-hugging. The knife is swift and is somewhat difficult to dodge compared to his other attacks, and the bear-hugs are devastating, dealing maximum damage and putting Lucario or a partner out for one turn.

Since he is overweight, he is very slow, and can fortunately be dodged easily (save for his knife attacks).


  • A few of his quotes, including "Live or die, make your choice!", are derived from movie quotes.