The FastSlide Kingdom is the setting of the game FastSlide, ruled by King Drift. The kingdom is covered in areas which can be used as race tracks.


Mushroomy Forest

After returning from his holiday to the Mushroom Kingdom, King Drift brought back a mushroom and planted it in this forest then named it the Mushroom Forest. But then the mushroom created new mushrooms which covered the forest, but due to the incorrect conditions they all shrivelled up leaving a rather lonely forest full of dead mushrooms. The forest was renamed the Mushroomy Forest, and became a racing track.

Sprint Canyon

The Sprint Canyon is a large canyon which has large walls on either side and goes around in a figure-8 like pattern. There is a few rivers that run through, and it is a popular place for those who wish to race.

Drift Castle

Drift Castle is a large castle located in the middle of the kingdom, which is surrounded by a massive road. This road goes straight to the castle entrance and inside the castle it is built to have a specific path for racing. In this way, racers can run along the road and into the castle while racing.

in progress

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