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FastSlide is a crossover racing game created by Twenty-Second Choice for the Nintendo DS, and then abandoned and picked up by Omegaverse Corp. using characters owned by Nintendo and a special guest appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog. Omegaverse Characters also appears as well. The gameplay involves foot racing and fighting can take place while racing. It also features a Story Mode.


One day, King Drift of the FastSlide Kingdom invited various heroes to attend the annual FastSlide Racing Competition. Of course, everyone showed up. But at the start of the competition, the trophy goes missing! King Drift sends the heroes who had attended out to find and defeat the culprit.



Mario, the famous plumber hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. He's joined the FastSlide competition after his appearance in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.
Signature Colours
Red & Blue
Rival - Bowser


Luigi, the younger of the two brothers often overshadowed by the familiar man in red. Luigi joined the FastSlide competition to show his brother that green is the better.
Signature Colours
Green & Blue
Rival - Mario

Princess Peach

Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and leader of the Toad species. Tasked with a great responsibility, the princess took a break to enter the FastSlide competition!
Signature Colours
Pink & White
Rival - Princess Zelda


Despite having such short legs and such a large body, Wario can run extremely fast once he gets going. His signature shoulder barge can easily knock down anyone in his way.
Signature Colours
Yellow & Purple
Rival - Mario


Donning his famous green tunic and floppy hat, Link enters the FastSlide competition full of energy! With the Triforce of Courage, he'll be hard to get past on the track!
Signature Colours
Green & Gold
Rival - Wario

Princess Zelda

The princess of Hyrule and a master archer, Zelda is ready to compete in the FastSlide competition, leaving all traces of etiquette back at the castle.
Signature Colours
Purple & White
Rival - Princess Peach


Kirby, the adorable little round pink thing that seems to always save the day from the nasty King Dedede. His small size gives him an advantage in FastSlide!
Signature Colours
Pink & Red
Rival - King Dedede

Unlockable Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog

Unlocking: Finish Story Mode as Mario.
From a place far away, the blue blur rushes in! With his incredible speed, it's not surprising he decided to enter the FastSlide competition. Watch out, Mario!
Signature Colours
Blue & White
Rival - Mario


Unlocking: Finish Story Mode as Luigi.
3.14, the famous worker for the Inter-Universe Anti Universe Merge Federation. He is pretty clumsy, but when it comes to FastSlide he makes no mistakes.
Signature Colours
Black & White
Rival - Luigi

King Drift

Unlocking: Finish Story Mode as every character except King Drift.
King Drift, the king of the FastSlide Kingdom! He is haunted by dreams of the day when he lost to a turtle in a race. But his love for speed keeps him going to win his own trophy.
Signature Colours
Red & Gold
Rival - Bowser


These characters can be played as in every mode except Story Mode, where they appear as bosses. They can be unlocked by defeating them in Story Mode.


The evil king of the Koopa race, determined to do anything to ruin the red plumbers day. With his sharp claws and his spiky shell, Bowser's a threat to be reckoned with.
Signature Colours
Green & Brown
Rival - Mario


The leader of the Gerudo and the powerful sorcerer wielding the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf has tried many times to conquer the land of Hyrule but always failed.
Signature Colours
Black & Orange
Rival - Link

King Dedede

Although he means good, he often makes life hard for the citizens of Dreamland. His greedy nature has him use all his power to get the FastSlide trophy for himself.
Signature Colours
Red & White
Rival - Kirby


Mushroomy Forest

The Mushroomy Forest is a curvy track full of hazards such as walking trees, exploding mushrooms and holes in the ground.

Sprint Canyon

The Sprint Canyon follows a figure-8 like pattern, with a large jump in the middle. Boulders bounce along he track in certain places, and shortcuts can be taken by travelling through certain caves.

Drift Castle

Drift Castle is composed of mainly right angles, and features a strange spiral-like pattern starting on a road, going into a castle then passing through a few doors. These doors randomly slam, often knocking racers over.


You can receive Medals in this game by performing various objectives, some of which are completely pointless. A list of Medals is on the medals page. Medals can be received for finishing Story Mode as a certain character, taking shortcuts, unlocking new stuff, having everything and a lot more.


Some see this game as pointless, but others praised it for it's intense speed and gameplay, and the unique fighting system. Some say including Sonic made it all too easy to win, and others say it was a great idea. Overall there are mixed reviews, but it generally points towards a high score.

Sweetest racing game I've ever played, I'd have to say!
Comment on early demo

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