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Farmer Yumi
Farmer Yumi

Farmer Yumi sneaks in!

Farmer by day, Ninja by night!
Universe: PAW Patrol
Availability DLC

Farmer Yumi appears from the PAW Patrol universe; and appears as a DLC of the All Good Pups pack from Super Smash Bros. Crossing Worlds. She is a fast fighter with good power and lots of ninja supplies; and her final smash is something to fear!


Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash: Farmer Yumi does a Side Kick
  • Up Smash: Farmer Yumi does an uppercut and shouts; "Shoyuken!"
  • Down Smash: Farmer Yumi does a karate chop.
  • Standing A: Farmer Yumi punches her foe.
  • Standing A Combo: Farmer Yumi does a punch, a kick and then a karate chop which has a pitfall attack
  • Forward Tilt: Farmer Yumi slices her sword at her foe
  • Up Tilt: Farmer Yumi waves a Gohei in the air
  • Down Tilt: Farmer Yumi does a sweep kick
  • Air A: She does a spinning somersault
  • Air Forward: She slashes at her foe with her pitchfork; Has a meteor effect
  • Air Backward: She does a flying dropkick
  • Air Upward: She does a powerful snap kick
  • Air Downward: She does a dive kick which has a meteor effect


  • Pummel: Farmer Yumi knees her opponent
  • Forward Throw: Farmer Yumi throws her foe foward
  • Backward Throw: Farmer Yumi does an Arm Flip
  • Up Throw: Farmer Yumi tosses her foe in the air
  • Down Throw: Farmer Yumi slams her foe down three times

B Attacks

  • B Standing: Ninja Star! (She throws a ninja star at her foes)
  • Standing 2: Ninja Wire! (She uses a black snake firework that can tangle her foes up and roast them as well!)
  • Standing 3: Sword Strike! (She does something simular to Marth and Lucina's shield break; only a lot more deadly!
  • B Left or Right: Ninja Dash! (She does a similar attack of Ike's side special, only a lot more quiet like a mouse!)
  • Left or Right 2: Freezing Dash! (Move at a slow pace; but give foes a cold shoulder!)
  • Left or Right 3: Meteor Dash! (Move faster then normal; only this dash will put foes in six feet!)
  • B Up: Smoke Bomb Reappear! (She throws a smoke bomb that will blind your foes, and also grant you some upward advantages!)
  • Up 2: Heroine Spin! (She does a attack similar to Link and Toon Link's Up B; only much stronger!)
  • Up 3: Ninja Corkscrew! (An attack similar to Wario's Up B. Perform it fully for maximum damage!)
  • B Down: Judo Counter! (Wait for your foes to strike, then throw 'em like a rag doll!)
  • Down 2: Brick Break! (Break the floors and the foundation with it! Now with 20% more splitner projectiles!)
  • Down 3: Focus Attack! (Unleash an attack so deadly; all attacks from foes will be ignored!)
  • Final Smash: Scroll with It! (Unleash a fury of techniques from the Master Scroll; a la Wii Fit Trainer's Wii Fit!)


  • She bows in respect to her opponent and says; "I hope you're prepared...." (Up)
  • She does a crane stance and says; "I'm not done with you yet!" (Left and Right)
  • She imitates a neck slice; with a GRRRRICK! added in for effect. (Down)

Character Selection Screen

She pulls out her swords and says "Excellent choice there!"

On Screen Appearance

She divekicks and then sidekick a training dummy away and enters her stance

Kirby Hat

Farmer Yumi's Hat


  • K.O Sound effect 1: Oh Peach Fuzz!
  • K.O Sound effect 2: Gah!
  • Star K.O: Dang it!!!!
  • Screen K.O: I'm okay!

Victory Poses

  • She does a martial arts routine and says "Never underestimate the power of a ninja!"
  • She looks at her scroll and puts it away; saying "The ancient masters are pleased with me...."
  • She throws a smoke bomb down and then reappears and says "Quiet like a mouse!"
  • She dusts off her hands and says "That's true power!"

Special Victory Quotes

(Note: Her poses stay the same, but she'll say these quotes instead when facing against a certain fighter)

  • "That's what happens when you're aura doesn't work!" (VS Lucario)
  • "The alien that crashed near my barn was nicer then you!" (VS Starman)
  • "And THAT'S for stealing my scroll!" (VS Emily Shinjitsu or any of the KCC Kittens)
  • "You should work on your Pup-Fu skills more..." (VS Ryder or any of the PAW Patrol pups)
  • "Suzan has more fashion sense then you!" (VS Kasumi)
  • "I told you I wouldn't hold back!" (VS Suzan, Logan, Monty or Clockwise)
  • "Not so tough without a power pellet huh?" (VS Pacman)
  • "Back to the Bargin Bin with you!" (VS System Smasher)

Victory Theme

A flourished remix of the PAW Patrol theme song. Though this version is remixed to a Federal Japan theme

Alternate Costumes

  • Farmer Uniform (Default appearance)
  • Black Farmer Uniform (Based on her Mirror Clone; Imuy)
  • Purple Farmer Uniform (Based on Shadow Yumi)
  • Wedding Dress (Based on her outfit from Pups Save a Wedding)
  • Red Wedding Dress (Based on the Crimson Rose)
  • Gray Wedding Dress (Based on her Zombie Bride Costume)
  • Sensai Uniform (Based on her apperance in Pup-Fu!)
  • Blue/Yellow GI (Based on a Judo GI)
  • Purple/Red GI (Based on Shadow Suzan's colors)
  • Ninja Outfit (Based on her alter ego; Unakite)
  • Neon Green Ninja (Based on The Green Ninja from Ninjago)
  • Red Ninja outfit (Based off of Sparrow Acrowgi)

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