The conversation we are seeing is something we have already seen from another point in space-time and another perspective. Timey-wimey stuff. It's all like a big ball.

However, two minutes later, Spark would again pester Jairo.

shiningSpark [SS] began pestering flowSeeker [FS]

SS: >START CONVERSATION. I think I may not have explained myself correctly or with the good rythm.

FS: You bitch better stop reminding me of my musical failure :/

SS: >BEG PARDON. Forgive me there.

SS: >CONTINUE PESTERING. Shall I explain myself in a more detailed and slow manner?

FS: Okay. Forgiven. Do it. :3 *hug*

FS: So what were you saying?

SS: >EXPLAIN. Server Player must craft the free Pre-Punched Card for the Client Player to use.


SS: >EXPLAIN. The Client Player must use the recently deployed Cruxtruder object to deploy the Kernelsprite and a Cruxite Dowel.

SS: >EXPLAIN. The Client Player must prototype the Kernelsprite via throwing a inanimate or dead object at it, and carve the Cruxite Dowel using the Totem Lathe.


SS: >EXPLAIN. When carved, the Client Player must use the Alchemiter to create his Cruxite Artifact using the carved Cruxite Dowel.

SS: >EXPLAIN. This is all you need to know.

FS: Uh okay?

shiningSpark [SS] stopped pestering flowSeeker [FS]

> Jairo: Drop jacket in a baddass way.

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