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shiningSpark [SS] began pestering burnerDash [BD]

SS: >START CONVERSATION. I am in the knowledge you are my client player.

SS: >TALK. This is important. I will give you advice and help you at all times.

SS: >TALK. By the way, hello. Beautiful day, isn't it?

SS: >TALK. Every day is beautiful when you live on this space station.

BD: Yeah Thats True But Calm Down Buddy!!!

SS: >GET ANGRY. These multiple exclamation symbols. You're trying to get on my nerves.

BD: Its My Typing Style

BD: Shut Up Its Cool Lol

SS: >ASK. Are you ready to start this session?

BD: Yes Ma'Am!!!

BD: Wait That Should Have Been Sir

SS: >TALK. Yes, Sir is better. Now, let's go, my good friend. Come on.

> Switch viewpoint to Jairo's

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