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shiningSpark [SS] began pestering flowSeeker [FS]

SS: >START CONVERSATION. Hello there, Jairo. I've got important matters to discuss with you.

FS: Hey look! It's you! :D

FS: *gazes upon Sparky, and slowly moves towards him*

SS: >TALK. This is no time for roleplay, Jairo.

SS: >TALK. This is time for advice.

FS: Well thank you but there's pretty much nothing you can do when there's a big meteor falling towards me. : D

SS: >THINK. Your optimism overwhelms me.

SS: >ADVISE. However, I do know what to do.

FS: Absolutely. You know how to deal with meteors. They are just spoiled brats man, nothing compared to you, the absolute king of the cosmos. :3

SS: >ADVISE. Thank you. However, that's not the matter right now.

SS: >ADVISE. For stopping this meteor, you will need to craft your Pre-Punched Card object and do an action related to it. Your object is an atom, and you need to split it in half with something.

FS: I don't really get why you have so much knowledge.

FS: I don't really get how you exist though so there's that :3

SS: >ADVISE. You should do this immediately and stop gazing at the meteor falling down towards your house.

SS: >MAKE HIM PANIC. There are only three minutes and fourteen seconds left for you to craft everything and do so.

SS: >ENCOURAGE. Go on, Jairo! Be courageous!

FS: uh okay

FS: Also Alex wanted to talk with you

FS: I think you're his server player.

SS: >LISTEN AND SAY GOODBYE. Oh, okay. Farewell.

FS: bye Sparky! :3 *hug*

shiningSpark [SS] stopped pestering flowSeeker [FS]

> shiningSpark: Talk to Alex.

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