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shiningSpark [SS] began pestering swordPacifist [SP]


SS: >ASK. Is there a meteor falling towards your house?

SP: hi, Spark... what kind of nonsense is that?

SS: >ANSWER. Just asking. I am a bit worried, indeed.

SS: >EXPLAIN. From my space station, I have been able to see some meteors falling down towards Earth.

SS: >EXPLAIN. I need to tell Jairo and Alex about that, too, and ask them if they have seen anything.

SP: actually...

SP: there IS a meteor falling towards Jairo's house...

SS: >YELL. Wait WHAT!?

SS: >FREAK OUT. Oh god! Jairo is going to die!

SS: >CALM DOWN. I need to advise him immediately. Not only him, but you.

SP: oh god not again... can you stop all this technobabble?

SS: >TALK. My knowledge of this session far surpasses the one you three have.

SS: >TALK. If someone is indicated to save you all, it's me.

SS: >SAY GOODBYE. Farewell, Uil!

shiningSpark [SS] stopped pestering swordPacifist [SP]

> shiningSpark: Contact Jairo.

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