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You log in to PESTERCHUM, and see some of your CHUMS are there. More accurately, SWORDPACIFIST and BURNERDASH. You decide to PESTER the former. It's always so much fun to ANNOY him with your hilarious antics.

flowSeeker [FS] began pestering swordPacifist [SP] at 13:04

FS: Dude.

FS: Are oyu even there? *you

FS: goddammit quick typing

SP: ...

FS: Stop it. Stop me.

SP: uh, hi Flow? happy birthday

FS: okay, I certainly like that more. :P. Thanks! How are you doing?.

SP: certainly well. Expecting the package to arrive soon.

FS: hey thats awesome. My package has already arrived. xD *that's

SP: I hope to play with you soon... what package are you talking about, btw? Mine's?

FS: No, the SBURB one. Don't worry, I'm sure yours will arrive quickly! : D

FS: Did you see the new clip of the next pony episode?

SP: ...

swordPacifist [SP] disconnected at 13:10

FS: hahaha

> Go bother burnerDash.

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