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SP: You supposedly need to smash this "Cruxtruder" valve-like object with a heavy item.

SP: um... do you have any heavy items on your house?

SP: i suppose they are in the lower floor. i might need to lift the object i positioned in the stairs to let you walk...

SP: are you even there? ...

FS: Yeah, I am! Sorry for answering late! :P

FS: That's interesting. Well, yeah, my mother does have quite a bit of heavy objects in the first floor.

FS: It would be great for you to remove that pesky item outta my stairs... lol

SP: oookay...

FS: Another thing. I need to retrieve your gift!

SP: then... stealth level?

FS: Stealth level! Solid Jairo there!

> Uil: Remove heavy object from stairs.

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