FS: Am I hearing...

SP: ...

FS: Please tell me you didn't seriously just block the stairs.

SP: um, i think I did...

SP: sorry for that man

SP: anyways, look, ive found new information about this game.

FS: Seems interesting.

FS: It will probably just be more of your bullshit though.

SP: we have already dropped the items we needed to, uh, build...

SP: we need to smash or... drop something on the Cruxtruder

FS: .. What?. lmao

SP: it makes a countdown appear.

SP: using common sense, i advise you to do

SP: uh

SP: well... other stuff before dropping something on it.

FS: Maybe I will go a level further when we drop something on it?

SP: Thats... a possibility. just maybe.

SP: still, we have to use and value time.

SP: i suspect something bad might happen when we drop the thing on the other thing where you need to drop some thing.

FS: Department of Redundancy Department. lol

SP: so you better go and prepare yourself or something?

> Jairo: Examine fetch modus.

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