Your name is JAIRO. You are a BOOKWORM, GEEK kid with a heavy interest on ART and FICTION. You love VIDEO GAMES, and are a huge FANON CO worshipper. You dream of entering the COMPANY one day, when you grow up, but in your heart you know it's just a DREAM. The true thing you want to be is a WRITER. Yes, that's probably the best thing for you.

You love some ANIMATED SERIES, too. You are a huge fan of DOCTOR WHO and some SPANISH COMEDIES. You like MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC and consider yourself a BRONY. Some might think you are too YOUNG to be one, but it doesn't matter to you. LOVE and TOLERATE.

You hang out with your friends, such as swordPacifist, burnerDash and the other bunch. You hate BUGS. A lot. And GHOSTS, too. But of course, the thing you really really hate... no, FEAR, are ALIENS.

What will you do?

> Jairo: Retrieve arms from bookshelves

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