Oh my god! They are pestering you! So much text to read! SO MUCH TO ANSWER!

flowSeeker [FS] began pestering swordPacifist [SP] at 15:30

FS: Heeeeeeeey!

FS: It's nice to see you back on there again. *rolls eyes*

SP: ... yeah, one dickhead trolled me and made me download a virus with his mad manipulation skills

FS: really? again?

FS: Hahahahaha XD XD XD

FS: Tell soapEnigma he's the best troll I've ever meet!

SP: fuck its not even funny

SP: stop being a... uh... dick! i got a virus!

FS: Okay okay man, no need to go that angry.

FS: Have we decided who we are going to play with?

SP: yeah... I'm going to play with Spark... burner wanted to be your server I think

FS: I prooobably should talk to him then... *smiles*. See you later, Uily!

SP: ...

FS: You already got your package?

SP: Yes. I just retrieved it from the mail... you should have seen my face when i stared through the window... and then i smiled!!

FS: Great!!! Hope you and Spark have a really fun play : D

> Answer to burnerDash.

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