swordPacifist [SP] began trolling nocturneAnnoyer [NA]

SP: ... hello. This may strike you as... strange.

SP: but as a matter of fact, i have just discovered this is a prophecy.

SP: a self-fulfilling one, in fact.

NA: lemme a5k who you are for a chance

SP: your rival.

SP: uh, your platonic hate?

SP: yes, that is it, elise

NA: wa1t what

NA: how do you know me?

SP: because your big pompous ass can be seen from miles away

SP: even if we are not in the same universe

SP: still... uh... able to see it... sis

NA: … uh?

NA: … 1 u5ually am the one troll1ng...

SP: god damn, mine's such a pathetic attempt at trolling. i cannot e ven.

NA: uh what

SP: yet you are so susceptible to it...

NA: what


SP: maybe this will be the conversation that makes you troll me again, and again, and again, and again

NA: you 51lly 1 never trolled you before

SP: in my world you have, and in yours you will

NA: … 51gh that 15 really 5trange and 1 don't under5tand a 51ngle word out of 1t

SP: it is your... uh... destiny

NA: what


NA: no, l1e5

SP: it is your destiny, Elise...

SP: and i will have to thank you for that. thank you for making me discover my true identity as the knight.

NA: dont lurk r1ght there

NA: 5top be1ng creepy

NA: ju5t about

NA: 5top before 1 block you

SP: i am not stopping until you comprehend your situation... uh big words.

NA: r1ght 5o you don't wanna 5top?

NA: R1ght

NA: 1'll prepare my revenge. Later.

SP: and this is how you do your work. space work.

SP: jairo was right... this is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

SP: so, until you troll myself back in time,

SP: farewell, tightass.

NA: Fuck you a55hole

NA: get a pa1lmate

NA: get la1d

SP: pathetic. you sure learnt a lot meanwhile trolling me.

NA: br1ng me 115

nocturneAnnoyer [NA] blocked swordPacifist [SP]

> ======>

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