That is your RECUPERACOON. Your species uses it to sleep and avoid the darkness, terrible murders and tortures it dreams about. But you are powerful enough to don't.

You have a certain sort of PSYCHIC POWERS: you are able to use TELEKINESIA and read MINDS. While doing so, you learnt how to block your inner thoughts and visions, entering a state of complete calmness and perfection. Some might think of it as the ULTIMATE ENLIGHTEMENT.

You enter a state of VOID whenever you sleep. You try to avoid all kinds of RAGE and ANNOYANCE that may come from your terrible thoughts, but occassionally you just end up reading your NEIGHBOURS' THOUGHTS, and gazing at their terrible nightmares. You might be called a THIEF of RAGE by some. But you're not a thief. You're just sort of a ROGUE, watching in the dark.

> Elise: Gaze at your wonderful, romantic posters.

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