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flowSeeker [FS] began pestering burnerDash [BD] at 13:12

FS: Hey, Alex. How's it going?

BD: I Told You Not To Call Me That!!!

BD: Anyway Hello Jairo And Happy Birthday

FS: Hey thanks! hehe... isn't that quirk of yours funny

BD: Dont Call It Funny!!! Its How I Type!!!


BD: See!! Fuck If You Continue I Am Going To Ignore You Like swordPacifist!!

FS: dude sorry...

FS: it's just a joke...

FS: Anyway, do you already have your copy of Sburb?

BD: Not Yet Bro

BD: Why???

FS: Can you give me a mobile phone call when you get it? I'd love to play with you. Oh, and can you tell Uil to unignore me? *smiles*

BD: Okay! Bye!!!

BD: Hey You Know Uil Has Really Disconnected

BD: I Think Its His Internet

BD: He Didnt Really Ignore You It Was A Coincidence I Think

FS: oh...

BD: Well I G2G!!! BYE!!!!!!

FS: 'K, I close this. xD

flowSeeker [FS] stopped pestering burnerDash [BD] at 13:23

> Get away from your computer.

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