Fantenquest: Reloaded is un upcoming RPG-Adventure game made by NightVision Ent. It features original characters modelled after users of Fantendo, and is a reboot of the original Fantenquest game. More info to be revealed soon. 


Playable Characters

Character Sprite Character Name Description
Axyll Flame
Axyll Flame Wooh main protagonist and stuff. Apparently he has fire powers or something? I dunno really. 
Brandon Warlow Brandon Warlow This dude is good with tech, and he can make a weapon out of almost anything. He is also quite snarky. #Wisecrackincomicrelief. 
Claus McDean Claus McDean A loser who got wrapped up in this quest for some reason...why could it have been him of all people? I mean there's pretty much nothing special about him at all, so he will probably serve almost no use on this journey. why did the developers even think of adding him in at all?
Daniel Shiro Daniel Shiro TBA
Dylan Sunn Dylan Sunn NEEEEEERD. Also he is rumored to have a split personality by the name of "Darky." 
Fandra Xono (FIXED) Ethan Xono Some grumpy guy who tags along with Axyll for some reason, I dunno. He is skilled with firearms, and is almost always seen with a rifle. Because rifles are straight up hood dawg.
Eva Rynne Eva Rynne TBA
Lewis Moshi Lewis Moshi Kind of a snobby douche. He owns a mansion, and he likes stars. He is also said to be able to control the wind. Or maybe it's just his bad breath. 
TBA Lorenzo Stanford TBA
TBA Paige Manchego Some girl who had the misfortune of being named after a FECKING CHEESE.
TBA Randall Frogg Some dude who is obsessed with frogs. He seriously has like, a lot of frogs. Trust me. A lot. 
Samantha Kai Samantha Kai A free-spirited young girl, Samantha found some spear or somethin, and she uses it as her main weapon for things. What things? I don't know. Things. 
TBA Sarah Drie A calm and collected woman who gets dehydrated easily. She is never seen eating with a fork or spoon, as she prefers using sporks.
TBA Scratch Katson TBA
TBA Tyler Foxtrot TBA
TBA Yvelle Tal TBA


Character Sprite Character Name Description
TBA Anon Ymous Who is this man? Nobody knows. Nobody ever will know. He is simply Anon Ymous. What is his role? Nobody knows. 


Character Sprite Character Name Description
Thomas Crunch Thomas Crunch Ol' Tommy Crunch was once (moderately) sane before the Virtuo Virus latched onto him and began to use him as a vessel to do all kinds of nasty stuff, yo. Tommy attacks people using his Virtuo arm cannon, and close contact and cause the spread of the Virtuo Virus. 
TBA Cameron "C" Sketch A calm guy who uses paint to attack. He acts polite while doing really fucked up things, making him more creepy then other villains. 
Darky Darkson Darky Darkson Thanks to the power of Crunch's virus, Dylan's alternate personality has been revived as a freakish freak of nature. He uses a knife. Because a knife is all that is needed. Knife is love. Knife is life. 
Mr. R Mr. R Mr. R was a top employee at Mr. Cheese's Cheese until he was corrupted by Crunch's virus. Now he is known as Mr. R the cyborg. His hobbies include flying kites, eating, and murdering people for absolutely no reason! Beware his Cyber Cannon!

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