Fantengrumps' logo.
Type of Company Game Company
Founder(s) Locky (tbc)

Pablo (tbc)

Founded at/in January 19, 2013.
Headquarters Fantendoverse
Area(s) Served Earth
Owner(s) Locky (tbc)

Pablo (tbc)

No. of Employee(s) LockyTron (tbc)

PabloRaptor (tbc)

Barise (tbc)

Parent Company Keyhole Gaming and Fantasize Studios

Fantengrumps is a company founded by Locky (tbc) and Pablo (tbc), they focus on joint projects, all begun on Fantendo chat, when Pablo decided to make a Metroid game with somebody, and then Locky decided to help him. The mascots are Volt and Locky.



  • Fantengrumps is based on a YouTube channel named Game Grumps. Since both of creators of the company are fans of that YouTube channel.