The Fantendoverse Writers Room is a division of Toroko founded in 2015 and these people write for the Fantendoverse and sort out the canonical details of everything added into it. The lead writer is Exotoro (tbc), who writes much of the bigger canonical stories and events, with their influence to be felt behind the writing even after their departure that will begin once Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory wraps up. PabloDePablo (tbc) is set to be the next lead writer of the Fantendoverse after Victory is finished.

After Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, the Fantendoverse was rebooted to be one cohesive timeline. People are free to create their own alternate Fantendoverses but only projects under the WITFU template are considered canon.


Head Writers

These three write primarily for the Fantendoverse and basically everything written, unless stated otherwise, under the Fantendoverse label is canon. People should ask Exotoro (tbc) about making their projects part of the Fantendoverse.


These people have written for the Fantendoverse, but aren't full-time members. This list is currently incomplete.

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