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You may be looking for the Fantendo Multiverse.

A view of the main Fantendoverse.
Current Ruler Aktoz
Oracle of Time Keepers
Location Type Universe
Fantendo Multiverse
The Fantendoverse (known to the people of Aeo as Mortus) is the universe in which the majority of the series created by Fantendo take place. It exists within the Fantendo Multiverse, and features various different planets, some of those being alternate versions of Nintendoverse planets. The Fantendoverse was created by Aktoz and Ektaz, although Khaos and Micaliye would later ascend into major deities, and become included in the creation myth, there is also Ignotus with his Oracle of Time Keepers, who keep time at balance. The first species created were the Beorns, who are vital in keeping the Fantendoverse stable.




It should be noted that there are several alternate versions of some planets, such as Earth, and Hyrule, due to there being several panes. A sub-entry preceded with an indented dot denotes a moon.

Physical Spectrum

Fusion System


Emotion Spectrum

Husoma World

  • Laki city
  • Flych Fletch town


Balance Keepers

Balance Keepers, as the name suggests, are minor deities that manifest certain universal happenings and help keep balance in the Fantendoverse by fufilling their titles. Some gain their titles from birth, and some earn them. They include...


Aside from beings who purely manifest something, there are the "Angels", who gain their titles typically from Rulers and/or Balance Keepers, and from their own personal experiences throughout their lives rather than being born with them. They include...

The Emotion Pantheon

These deites have the specific role of protecting the small but unstable Emotion Spectrum, and live on the Emotion Islands' three moons. They are divided into three different 'colours' depending on their moon.



Luceros and Crepulis

These deities, native to Sylphiu, have the role to protect it and control both their element and shadow or light. Serving as protectors and guardians to the planet, they are also able to give birth to new celestial objects. However, they can be killed, but only if in combat.



There are several important artifacts in the Fantendoverse, most of them created by deities for specific purposes. They include...

  • Summoner Orb - Allows deities to call upon any being within the Fantendoverse at will. They were created by Aktoz, then scattered all over, often found on various planets to this day.
  • Finisher Sphere - Once broken, it will give the being who broke it a single immensely powerful technique. They were created by Aktoz, then sent out into space, often known to crash down onto planets in a similar fashion to comets.
  • Ancient Spellbook - Written in the book are various spells used by several deities, it is guarded within the Realm of Paper, but is also rarely brought to the Fantendoverse. The book was possibly written by Ektaz, though the reason why is unknown.
  • Book of All - The book was written by Aktoz and Ektaz, it contains knowledge on every important event, and being, in the Fantendoverse. It is currently under the protection of Karakal the Watcher.
  • Deipotent Tome - Similar to the Book of All, it was written, and is still being written in, by an unknown source, possibly Aktoz, and/or Ektaz. It contains knowledge on several major events, and beings, in the Fantendoverse, in the form of stories.
  • Artifacts of Ascendancy - A number of artifacts created by a group of deities, beleived to give a mortal the power to ascend to deity-hood when all artifacts are collected together. Each artifact also holds its own individually powerful ability.

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