Fantendo vs Fantendo II: The Final Battle is an threequel to the underground classic Fantendo vs Fantendo II: Part 2 and Fantendo vs Fantendo II. It features new characters and environments. Authors include Sorastitch (tbc),

Anyone can write a chapter!

Chapter One: Blue Soup Reloaded

Unten was sitting and enjoying a very nice ice cream sundae.

Suddenly, hot chicken soup covered the chair, burning him.

A man in a black suit approached him. He took off his helmet.

"Remember me?" Blue Soup said.

Unten ran out of his chair, but was suddenly stopped by one of his henchmen, Joao.

And then a sword appeared out of nowhere. Zynte cut off Joao's hand, and Unten punched Blue Soup.


Chapter One and a Half: I Know What We're Going to do Today!


Peira Noid was enjoying the beach before there was a crater next to her. She looked to her left, and saw that Phineas and Ferb were destroying it with gernades, and on the back of the machine that oddly looked like a monkey was a Subspace bomb.

She grabbed her beret and threw it, blowing up the machine. Phineas and Ferb knocked out, and the Subspace bomb was ticking.


She knew there wasn't a way to disable it, so she grabbed Leila and some of the others on the beach. They ran as fast as they could, narrowly escaping the purple sphere that encased the beach.

Chapter Two: Mission Implausible

Suddenly Malleo and Weegee clones started popping up everywhere. Unten and Zynte were cornered.

"They're eating the squirrel..." said Zynte "and then they're going eat me!"

"OH MY GOOOOOOOD!" said Unten.

But the fate was not for them. At the speed of a sonic rainboom, Rainbow Dash came down and punched the clones fast, revealing they were really Changlings. Unten and Zynte got onto Rainbow Dash, and headed towards Concrete Donkey's furniture store where a blue squid would meet them. A busty succubus was by his side, playing with him, although it was clear he was not interested at the moment.

"Blue Soup is back. He was resurrected by somebody on this side, as my agent Twilight Sparkle tells me so. Seems like they're aided by Disney Characters this time. But I have a trick up my sleeve..." said Hooly.

The door opened, and Mickey and Oswald walked in.