Fantendo the Video Game is a 2014 platformer 2-player open-world video game created by Wario Inc., based off of Fantendo the Animated Series. The game was made alongside many of the show's staff for Season 1 and 2, which the game takes place in(alongside one episode from Season 3). The game allows players to take control of many FTAS characters in different levels based off of the game, as well as explore Enlor and Weststar and complete side mission and explore.


The game is made to be challenging but fair, and when players die, they restart at the last checkpoint always. Players explore and platform, using each characters' unique abilities to solve puzzles and battle enemies and bosses. The game features a set of characters for each level, based off of the episode, although, characters can be selected for Free Play mode. The game is two players, although if the players goes solo, the computer controls the other characters. Some levels feature vehicles that must be used.

Currency is Tavern Tokens, which can be earned by completing levels and side missions. Tavern Tokens can be given to Rachel in the Tavern, or in a beach tent on Enlor in exchange for new characters, items, hints, cutscenes, or Extras, which add new things to the games.

Collectables known as Weststar Flags are scattered throughout the hub world and when all of them are collected, Johnny Dog can be unlocked. Inside levels, there are trophy pieces, which when put together form a trophy of a character. If all trophies are found, Classic Unten is unlocked.

In the two hubs, Enlor and Weststar, the player must visit various unique locations to begin levels. Besides this, the hubs also feature shops and side quests which can be completed for a reward. All vehicles can be accsessed in these hubs as well as every character unlocked or bought. Side quests can also be completed for various rewards.


Season 1


Segments: Fantendo the Video Game, Tavern Battle, Trouble in Weststar, Mary Sue

  • Characters: Unten, Mary Sue(1); Ella Metals, Skratch Kat, Jake, Britt, Zander(2); Jake, Ujori, Mary Sue(3); Unten, Britt, Zander, Ella Metals(4)
  • Type: Regular
  • Bosses: Mary Sue or Unten(1), Mary Sue(2), Mary Sue(4)
  • How to access: Go to the red table in the Tavern













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