Ask JesseRoo (tbc) or just comment on this page if you want to help.


Anybody is free to add to this section.


Anybody listed in the "Users" section above is free to add to this section. You can also move ideas from the "Ideas" section to this list if appropriate.

  • Find more imoutos
  • Work out how many classes there are, how many students are in each, and which students they are (including class reps and all those other class specific things)
  • Make some clubs
    • A band of some sort with Touko as lead singer
  • Establish more inter-imouto relationships (a la the Jeshika/Tukkun friendship)


  • Leetina
    • "white school outfit, very happy-looking expression i guess, black sort of spiky but long hair, small skirt"
  • Lexi
  • Tammy

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