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These are characters in Fantendo and Nintendo Sports that can be summoned using a summoner orb.


Image Name What it does Commonicity
ShyGuy Shy Guy Damages opponent Common
Heal slime Heal Slime Heals the summoner by 10% Rare
Wario Wario Throws a dodgeball at opponent. Common
072Tentacool Tentacool Throws two pokeballs. Normal
CURSE VAMPIRE fireball Curse Vampire Throws 2 fireballs at the opponent. Normal
Hood&#039;em blue Blue Summons two racing rubbers. Rare
Bad babeh creeper Creeper Gets in the way of the opponent Common
Nightwolf3D Nightwolf Drags the player back to the begginning quickly. Only used in Horseriding. Rare
Aveo FANS Aveo She summons Neiu and Neiu attacks the opponent. Normal
Norbert bike Norbert Norbert cycles over the opponent with his post bike. Normal
Black mage hoops 3 on 3 Black Mage Strikes lightning on the opponent. Common
Chocobo v Chocobo Walks over opponent. Normal
Waluigi Skate Waluigi on skates Skates over opponent. Rare
Mariokartwii.waluigiart Waluigi on motorbike Spins on the opponent. Rare
YellowToad2 Yellow Toad Yellow Toad punches the opponent. Common
Stork2 The Stork The Stork drops Baby Daisy on the opponent Normal
DoomyDoom Grime Doomulus Grime Strangles opponent. Normal
Nessbrawl Ness Uses PK Thunder on opponent. Normal
Flaum Flaum Shoots opponent. Normal
DKJr trophy Donkey Kong Jr. Climbs up high and drops fruit on opponent. Common


Bubble slime Bubble Slime Goes over opponent's floor, and opponent can slip over easily buying the summoner more time. Unlock by using Summoner Orb 3 times. Normal
Canzar Canzar Stomps on opponent. Unlock by playing 10 matches. Rare
Img027 Kendrew Scorces the opponent with fire. Unlock by defeating him in Team Emerald in Story mode. Rare
Img027 Pilato Punches the opponent. Unlock by defeating him in Team Emerald in Story mode. Common
Gooper blooper Gooper Blooper Whacks the opponent back to the start. Only in horseriding. Unlock by playing 15 times. Rare
Blocky Sumo Blocky Squishes the opponent. Unlock by playing 20 times. Normal
Dudle 3D Final Dudle Rubs out the opponent. Unlock by playing 25 times. Normal
NetnuNew Netnu Punches the opponent. Unlock by using a summoner orb as Unten. Common
KMA Waddle Dee Waddle Dee Bashes opponent. Unlock by using summoner orb 10 times. Common
Hardy Hardy Drills a hole in opponent. Unlock by using a summoner orb against a Kirby character. Normal
Kenny Koopa Kenny Koopa Uses kung-fu against opponent. Unlock by using a summoner orb as Koopa Troopa. Normal
Flaum ball Flaum ball Bounces off sides of the screen and hits opponent. Bounces again off the opponent into the side. This goes on for 10 seconds. Unlock by using summoner orb as any of UMogwai's characters. Rare
Diddy kong racing banjo Banjo Drives over opponent. Unlock by using summoner orb as any character that appeared in Diddy Kong Racing. Normal
Diddy kong racing Krunch Krunch the Kremling Bites the opponent. Unlock by seeing Banjo come out of a summoner orb. Common
Bomberman (wario blast) Bomberman Bombs your opponent. Unlock by achieving 3 WiiAchieve Achievements. Rare
Guppy the shark FANS Guppy Eats the opponent. They return in 3 seconds. Unlock by using a Summoner Orb as a non-human. Rare
Lemguin Lemguin Knocks the opponent down on the floor for 3 seconds. Unlock by playing for 1 hour total. Normal
Bubbles Bubbles A strong wind blows. Your character and Bubbles get a pole to hold onto. Wind lasts for 6 seconds. Unlock by playing for 30 minutes all at once. Rare
Buffoon FANS Buffoon Uses a cookie as a Ninja star. Unlock by winning a dodgeball match without your team being hit once. Common
Honker Honker the Skunk Throws acorns at the opponent. Unlock by beating Conker. Normal
Windup mouse Wind-up Mouse Pushes opponent away from goal. Only in dodgeball. Unlock by using a Summoner Orb against Conker. Normal
Squirter blooper Blooper Squirts opponent, blocking the path for them for 4 seconds. Only in horseriding. Unlock by using a Summoner Orb as a species. Rare


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