Fantendo and Nintendo RPG: When Worlds Collide is a game by Fusion Entertainment. It is a RPG, which collides Nintendo and Fantendo worlds. 


Some of Fantendo and Nintendo's best characters are invited for a 'celebration'. They are told to board a plane, taking off at 00:35 hours, at a flight to Silvergate, they arrive outside a stadium full of Koopa's and enemies. A announcer announces that the heroes have arrived at the Dynamo Stadium. The heroes appreciate the applause and they step onto the platform, a storm brews and the announcer announces everyone to run. 

Once the enimies start to leave, in a huge stampede, the heroes have no way out, and are locked in by a huge bubble. Mario and Teardrop are asked to go for a 'half-time' snack, in the hospitality lounge. 

More coming soon.

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