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Fantendo: Weapons of War is an upcoming Fantendo fighting game scheduled to be released Summer 2014 and is made by Eternity Enterprises.


The gameplay is similar to Super Smash Bros, but with health bars.


The story involves the heroes getting warped into a dark future where Fickelpoof rules over the Fantendoverse with his league of villains, and all of the heroes that didn't decide to join him got killed. Now, the heroes need to escape this time period and defeat Fickelpoof in the past to prevent this future from happening. 


Blue Faction

Unten's team, they are the ones trapped in the future and must battle Fickelpoof's empire. 

Artwork Name Description Creator
YEuntensweaterYE Unten

Unten is a Beorn, and the last of his kind. He is a kind young Beorn who will do anything to protect his people. He is a balanced fighter.

His special attribute is Beorn Energy

Plumber (tbc)
Fafpesh Pesh

Pesh is the defender of the Pushies, and is very noble. He is a swift fighter, and can use a sword.

His special attribute is Knightly Tactics

Arend (tbc)
DataYE Data

Data is a cyber warrior, who is out for vengeance against the Shadow Cross Empire. He has an arm cannon and is a strong fighter.

His special attribute is Cyber Metamorphesis

SuperSonicDarkness (tbc)
Mika Mika Sho

A girl who can use fire powers, she is a nimble fighter but her strength isn't the best.

Her special attribute is Fire Powers 

SuperSonicDarkness (tbc)
TaBooki New TaBooki

TaBooki is a boo who can use Tanooki powers. He can go through walls and is a speedy fighter.

His special attribute is Tanooki Abilities

T0M.V.12 (tbc)
3.14NvF3D 3.14

3.14, also known as Coal Algebraic, can use Pie and coding to attack. He, like Unten, is quite balanced.

His special attribute is Coding

JesseRoo (tbc)
Bowie Dark Bowie

Bowie is a sentient Teddy Bear. Don't ask me how that works. He has the power of rock and he is kinda strong, but doesn't have good jumps.

His special attribute is Rock Powers

Fandro (tbc)
Flip Flip

Flip can use a banjo and get help from Cobby. He has the best jumps out of any character.

His special attribute is Frog Jumps

Meme911 (tbc)
190px Locky & Lexi

Locky and Lexi are a pair of young detectives, and they play like the Ice Climbers in SSB. They use magnifying glasses and other detective tools.

Their special attribute is Investigation

.vectorDestiny (tbc)
Hugo3D Hugo

Hugo is the strongest in the game, but is quite slow. He can heal himself with a strength burger as well.

His special attribute is Brute Strength

JurpLuke (tbc)
Sqauv Squav

Squav is a light user and leader of the Squavocadoes. He uses his sword Exulbore and light powers.

His special attribute is Light

Hamclub13 (tbc)
White White

White is a Popopo who uses a large variety of weapons, such as the Boomstick, Light Claws and Dragoon.

His special attribute is Weapons Expert

White the Popopo (tbc)
2DZap Zap

The little ball of lightning, he is one of the quickest in the game and can use electricity to battle foes.

His special attribute is Electricity

.vectorDestiny (tbc)
240px-Danni Black Gloves Danni

Danni is an angel that can fly, and use his Flarebringer sword. His fighting style is a bit similar to Pit's from SSBB.

His special attribute is Flight 

White the Popopo (tbc)
YEumbraYE Umbra

Umbra wields a shadow sycthe and can use abilities such as the shadow beam and white out. He ain't called the Master of Eclipse for nothing!

His special attribute is Eclipse

MariogumballX (tbc)
Untitled21 Scratch Kat Scratch Kat

A cartoony Kat, he attacks with Cartoon Physics and Dawg's hunting rifle. He also can turn into his pixelated form.

His special attribute is Cartoon Physics

SuperScratchkat (tbc)
KidKiba Kid Kiba

A young vampire boy, he can bite enemies or turn into a bat.

His special attribute is Ghoulishness

Animal Crossing Leader (tbc)
Scarlet Pensar solo Scarlet

A magic user, Scarlet can cast many spells and fly on her broom, but isn't that good with physical attacks.

Her special attribute is Magic

LuckyEmile (tbc)
BlackAngel Heather

Heather is a fallen angel who helps the heroes in their quest. She is a quick and nimble fighter who uses Dark Powers to attack.

Her special attribute is Darkness

Qyzxf (tbc)
Min Minuette

Minuette is a risk taker, who can break the forth wall. She is one of the more speedy fighters. I mean, she comes from a freaking racing game, what do you expect?

Her special attribute is Speed

Yvetal (tbc)
Nyntendo X 6 Nyntendo X

Also known as Takashi Nohara, he has the power of Nyntenite, and can use this power during battle.

His special attribute is Nyntenite Power

Yvetal (tbc)

Some sort of AI and the main protagonist of HACKED. He can attack using hacking, as well as electric and telekinetic powers.

His special attribute is Hacking

Animal Crossing Leader (tbc)
Duo Duo

Donald "Duo" Skitz is one of Mika Sho's close allies. He has enhanced strength and speed and is one of Mika's fellow mutant warriors.

His special attribute is Mutant Enhancements

SuperSonicDarkness (tbc)



A stealthy ninja, he uses a sword and is quite speedy.

His special attribute is Ninja Stealth

SuperDuperMarioKirby (tbc)

Red Faction

Ficklepoof's empire from the future, this faction was created due to a timewarp created while fighting past Fickelpoof.  

Artwork Name Description Creator
Ficklepoof3D Ficklepoof

Ficklepoof is a gentlemanly hedgehog who manufactures nuclear weapons. He can use these weapons as well as other gentlemanly abilities to attack.

His special attribute is Gentlemanliness

Hamclub13 (tbc)



Unten's archrival, he has fire powers, and is stronger then Unten, but slower. 

His special attribute is Beorn Rage

1337doom (tbc)
YEhardwireYE Hardwire

A robotic copy of Data, Hardwire has Data's metamorphesis ability and he also can copy the moves of other players via a scanner.

His special attribute is Scanner

SuperSonicDarkness (tbc)
General Scotch Trans General Scotch

The old general was forced to join Fickelpoof's army. He uses bombs and darkness punches. He is also kind of a clumsy fighter.

His special attribute is Clumsiness

Fandro (tbc)
Bananas ACL Bananas

An evil monkey with a stupid-ass name, Bananas is a strong fighter, but quite slow. He can throw banana peels at the opponents to make them slip.

His special attribute is Monkey Instinct

Fandro (tbc)

Unten's evil copy made by Netnu. He has similar moves to Unten, but he also can shoot lasers and missles.

His special attribute is Metal

Meme911 (tbc)
Flip 1 Pilf

Known by many as the Blue Terror, Pilf uses more powerful versions of Flips, moves, but his jumps are lower. He also can shoot energy blasts.

His special attribute is Negativity

Meme911 (tbc)
Magne (AoW) Magne

White's rival, Magne joined the Red Faction to show White that evil is stronger after all. Magne is a strong fighter who can use wind attacks.

His special attribute is Wind

White the Popopo (tbc)
Mewshi3D Mewshi

Mewshi joined the Red Faction after Ficklepoof threatened to destroy the Verdant Grasslands. He can throw eggs, scratch, and pounce enemies.

His special attribute is Cat Powers

Yoshifraga97 (tbc)
Fandrooooooooooo Fandro

Like his buddy General Scotch, Fandro was forced to join the evil team. He can fly or split into 2 or more peices to attack.

His special attribute is Blob Abilities

Fandro (tbc)

The evil hack created by Jake, HAX can use Hacking and Darkness to attack.

His special attribute is Dark Hacking

Animal Crossing Leader (tbc)
Trysparrow ACL Trysparrow

Trysparrow is Hugo's arch nemesis. He is sluggish, but can pack a punch. He also can send out droids to do his bidding, such as Robo Trysparrow.

His special attribute is Robotics

JurpLuke (tbc)
Aqua Aqua

A former ally of Mika, Aqua was forced to join the evil side. He uses telekenetics to fight.

His special attribute is Telekenesis

SuperSonicDarkness (tbc)