Fantendo Wasteland is a fan game incorporating elements from many different abandoned articles. It is a joint project.


The game's story takes place several months prior to Fantendo: Playing War and details the mainstream discovery of the Wasteland by outside Fantendo characters, Unten being the very first. The end of the game somewhat leads into Playing War, there being a secret ending detailing the establishment of Vox and Wasteland HQ.


The Fantendoverse. A mysterious universe, the flip side of the Nintendoverse coin. But what lies between these to universes? That, my friend, is a very good question. But here is my question to you: Are you sure you want the answer? You must be very sure, for the answer is not one for the faint of heart. You are sure? Very well. You were warned. Between the universes lies a realm of terror beyond imagination, a realm of the forgotten. This is a land of forgotten fan-fics, abandoned games, and deleted articles.

Welcome, my friend, to The Wasteland.

The Door has opened.

The World That Wasn't

Unten had wandered between worlds for many years, fighting evil.




Unten is a Beorn wanderer who travels between worlds, fighting evil. He attempts to return to his own world, Zeon, but instead finds only a blank, infinite blankness in its place. He is contacted by a stranger who tells him that his world has dissappeared into The Wasteland. He then travels into The Wasteland to find his world and attempt to bring it back into existance.

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