This is the second game in the Fantendo War series. As you may or may not know, the Fantendo War games are shorter and cheaper then regular Wii titles, sacrificing quantity of levels in the games for quantity of games in the series. This game focuses more on game then plot, yet this game is a major plot point.


"All hell breaks loose today." said the King of Darkness as a killer storm formed around Shadow Castle. "Arghahaha! Ulac has made some new friends on Fantendisland!" "Let's see how he likes new enemies!!" Reckon roared. Then The King of Darkness went to the very basement of Shadow Castle to call upon Fantendo's greatest fear: The Enemy. "Light shall not touch my eyes, but your powers shall grow in size!" The Enemy chanted. Then, the King of Darkness became a formidable creature, more resembling Morton Koopa, Sr. than a pink Koopa. "Now that your powers have had their grow, it is time for me to go." The Enemy said before fading away into Fantendo's opposite universe. "Time to go, Reckon!" the King of Darkness shouted. The airship started to blow out hot steam at an alarmingly fast rate, and the propellers spun to life. They started heading towards the island, but, out of the water below, a massive wave formed! "Argh!! Master, do we have water protection?" Reckon questioned, shivering in fear. "NO! LOOK OUT!!!" the King of Darkness shouted in fear. The wave hit the airship and brought them down...

"Um, LK24, what's that?" Ulac asked, looking at the falling airship. "Its just an air....oh my GOD!! It's Reckon's airship!! Sound the alarm!" LK24 said. The alarms started blaring away. "See?! See Plumber?! This is what I meant! Reckon and that King of Darkenss are following Ulac! Now our island will sink if we don't stop the water torrent!" Sixty Four shouted to Plumber. "ATTENTION.....HIGH WATER PRESSURE DETECTED CLOSE TO ISLAND. EMERGENCY ISLAND ROCKETS ARE BEING DEPLOYED." Metal Locked said. "Rockets?" Sixty asked. Then, the castle lost power. The island rumbled. The torrent got closer. LK24 and Ulac barely made it in through the front door. It's as if the world was ending...

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Sky Land


Ulac Olsen



Metal Locked

Sixty Four

King Cloud


to come.

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