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Fantendo War I: The Beginning is the first instalment in the Fantendo War series. The game was originally being developed by NextGen Games, inc., before being taken over in 2015 by Existence Software.

The game will be released episodically, with the story spanning four episodes released each a month apart.


The game is an open-world RPG, with heavy emphasis on exploring the world. In order to explore, players may do so on foot, or through various vehicles, including generic cars and motorbikes, as well as the large Dolls that players can build by acquiring parts through mining or through rewards from sidequests.

Combat revolves around primarily using Specials to attack opponents. In combat, Specials can be used indefinitely, though each one has a set cooldown time. Specials can be upgraded through Spirit Medallions earned through quests and battles. These Specials can also be used to inflict various status ailments, including Handicapped (slower and temporarily paralyzed), Burnt (deals slight fire damage over time), Winded (knocks the wind out of the opponent, preventing them from attacking), and Frozen (freezing the opponent in their tracks). Additionally, Ulac and his party are able to suffer various unique status ailments, though some with various similar effects. These other ailments are: Flaming (deals slight fire damage over time), Paralysis (stops the character and temporarily stuns them), Bound (temporarily slows down/stops all Special cooldown timers), and Lightheaded (makes their vision blurred, and thus increasing their chances of missing attacks).

All characters belong to designated classes that can not be changed (except for the main playable character Ulac). Each class has several different ranks, and can equip certain types of weapons. There are five main classes, though one can only be used by Ulac during the tutorial. These five main classes are:

  • Rook - Unique to Ulac in the game's tutorial. They wield swords.
  • Archer - Swifter than most other classes, though with incredibly low defence. They wield bows and crossbows.
  • Juggernaut - Slower but with increased defence and attack. They wield swords and axes.
  • Hoodlum - Swift and defensive, the Hoodlums have very weak but quick attacks. They wield daggers and knives.
  • Psychic - More defensive than most classes, the psychics are generally more magic-based than weapon-based. They wield swords, but often miss with them.


For the original story, see Fantendo War I: The Beginning/Old Story.

Ulac Olsen stood on the bow of a cruise ship. He had no recollection of getting on this cruise ship... or many memories at all, for that matter. All he knew was that he was in danger. The others on the boat didn't seem to sense it, but Ulac did. An inky darkness. It seemed to choke his lungs. The King of Darkness was coming.

Episode 1

The Manor of The Fan loomed over him. Ulac Olsen knew he would find help here. Help to do what? Escape the King of Darkness. He felt the tendrils of darkness still, as if a shackle around his ankle. Everywhere he went, he would feel this pain. He didn't know how long he would be able to last. He entered the Manor of The Fan and was shocked to find a gala. Heroes and villains, sidekicks and rivals; the greats of Fantendo were all gathered here. He was greeted by a blue-haired robot who spoke with 1980's slang. This robot introduced herself as Cura, and the two engaged in conversation.

The lights go out, and those in the mansion split up to restart the two generators positioned in the attic and the basement. Ulac and a group is sent to the basement, where they lose sight of the others in the group they had traversed.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4


Party Members

There are many potential party members that can be obtained throughout the game. Some party members are earned simply by completing story missions, while others are optional and earned by completing certain sidequests.

Ulac Olsen crap
Ulac Olsen
Ulac Olsen. Who is this man? Not even he knows where he came from. He is the target of the King of Darkness, and seeks the help of Tendis' strongest warriors to help him figure out who he is and why he's under attack.
Snowshi Potential Redesign
Snowshi comes from a faraway land forever shrouded in winter. Sure, she looks like a simple White Yoshi, but her proficiency in weaponry is spectacular. She has great eyesight, and prefers to use crossbows and guns in battle.
Muffin without shadow
Nobody truly knows who or what Muffin is. Sure, he may look like a simple muffin, but he harbours strange magic that surpasses that of most. Could he be the product of a concourse of dimensions.... or is he a simple muffin?
Syi used to be a human, but after she was murdered, she was reborn a scarecrow and cursed to feed Hynau. As a spirit within a scarecrow, she harbours strange powers that she, herself, may not be fully aware of.
Don't be baggin on this ace robot, she's hella amped to fight for justice! Despite her looking unfinished, she's a primo fighter, capable of righteous attacks. Don't think of Cura as a wastoid, but instead as a bombdigity fighter!
AranSportsResortAlt 1
Aran Leverletto
Kan S-Lunar
Kan Seuomto
Sophie N-Lunar
Sophie Noapha
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