Fantendo Village
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Developer(s) 03 Games
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Fantendo3ds
Release Date(s)
August 2nd, 2013
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Predecessor None
Successor TBA/None

Fantendo Village is a game like Animal Crossing but with Fantendo characters.

It was created by 03 Games.


Unten moves to Fantendo Village, when he first arrives he meets Mayor Pesh and the villagers and is a little nervous. But as time goes by he becomes a true citizen of Fantendo Village!


You can walk around town, go fishing, dig for treasures, take a trip, and more! It's pretty much like Animal Crossing, but cooler!

You can get postcards from your friends who are off on trips and you can buy post cards on trips too! You can head to a desert town, a snowy mountain, a humid jungle, and more!

In town there is a place called The Workshop, there you can get exclusive items for a price and some furniture.

There are tools you can buy such as a Fishing Rod and you can expand your house bigger and bigger!


Special charactersEdit

Image Name Role Quotes
UntenArend Unten Main player None
Pesh3D Mayor Pesh Mayor "Who are you? The new villager I see, welcome to Fantendo Village, I'm Mayor Pesh!" (first quote to player)
Fantendo Village/Mayor Pesh quotes
Pinti 3D Pinti Worldwide shop owner "Welcome to my epic store of wonders! You my friend must be the new villager!" (first quote to player)
Fantendo Village/Pinti quotes
Bombell LMDM Style Bombell Workshop owner "Hello there... Unten isn't it? I can give you exclusive furniture! Just drop by anytime you like with some furniture and money!" (first quote to player)
Fantendo Village/Bombell quotes
David by Tom David Gift giver on December 25 "Who am I? Oh yes, I'm David, my memory is almost all gone... hey wait! What am I doing with all these extra things in my pockets? Here, give them out and come back to me when you're finished!" (first quote to player)
Fantendo Village/David quotes
O'Lantern O'Lantern Item maker on Halloween "Who are you, well that doesn't matter. Bring me three exclusive items and I can brew you a Halloween item in my cauldron!" (first quote to player)
Fantendo Village/O'Lantern quotes
NetnuNew Netnu Steals from you in the desert and gives you a Destroyed Pesh Helmet None


Image Name Quotes
NinJon3D NinJon "Hi there whoever you are. I'm NinJon so who are you... Unten you say! Nice to meet you Unten!"
Fantendo Village/NinJon quotes
Chedswis Swiss "The name's Swiss and I can read your mind! You see I'm a genius Unten!"
Fantendo Village/Swiss quotes
Benjamin 3D Benjamin "I'm Benjamin, so you're new in town? Same here, I'm new in town too!"
Fantendo Village/Benjamin quotes
FroloNew Frolo "Ugh, a spy! Oh wait, you're not a spy, you're the newcomer!"
Fantendo Village/Frolo quotes
YonenBooeFront YonenBooe "Hello... well this is awkward..."
Fantendo Village/YonenBooe quotes
HexStarPlants Hex "Hi, people always call me Pink Hedgehog, please make a change, call me Hex, and then we can be pals, okay?"
Fantendo Village/Hex quotes
Yurei3 Yurei "I'm a ghost, so we can't shake hands!"
Fantendo Village/Yurei quotes


Name About
Fantendo Village Town where you play most of the game
The Workshop Where you get exclusive furniture
Pinti's Store First store in town
Pinti's Super Store Upgraded store (every time the store upgrades it replaces the old store)
Pinti's Store of Wonders Two floors in a giant store, this is the last upgrade
Post office Worldwide post office everywhere you go
Your house Where you live
Airport The airport in Fantendo Village (and worldwide)
The Desert Trip, here you can get exclusive bugs - Fantendo-Bugs
The Snowy Mountain Trip, here you can catch exclusive fish - Fantendo-Fish
The Jungle Trip, here you can get exclusive birds - Fantendo-Birds
The Tropical Island Trip, not special

Dig-Up ItemsEdit

In this game you sometimes see a glowing spot in the ground. With a shovel you can dig. Most of the time you dig up trash, but you can dig up exclusive items too!

  • Pesh Helmet (Helmet - Rare)
  • TaBooki Couch (Furniture - Rare)
  • Frolo Wall (Wallpaper - Uncommon)
  • Swiss Hat (Hat - Uncommon)
  • Fantendo Rug (Rug - Uncommon)
  • Fantendo Wall (Wallpaper - Uncommon)
  • Destroyed Pesh Helmet (Trash - Common)
  • Destroyed TaBooki Couch (Trash - Common)
  • Destroyed Frolo Wall (Trash - Common)
  • Destroyed Swiss Hat (Trash - Common)
  • Destroyed Fantendo Rug (Trash - Common)
  • Destroyed Fantendo Wall (Trash - Common)


  • Shovel
  • Fishing Rod
  • Net
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Fantendo-Shovel
  • Fantendo-Fishing Rod
  • Fantendo-Net
  • Fantendo-Boxing Gloves