Fantendo Users All-Star Battle is a spin-off of the Fantendo All-Stars series.


The gameplay is the same as Fantendo All-Stars:Corruption, but uses a "summon" gimmick. When you fill a special bar at the bottom of the screen by attacking people, you can summon a minion character that will do a special attack to help you. Because of this gimmick, the assist trophies are removed. Summons tend to be characters the user likes/created. However, the character summon cannot be the in-game representation of the player. You can play with up to 6 players in Multiplayer and will have a PSASBR esque Story Mode.


The roster is said to have 20 characters. 

Default Characters

Artwork Name Description Moveset Minion Minion Ability Rival
DipperGFArt Dark The wielder of dark powers is here to defend his universe!

Neutral:Shadow Punch

Side: Shadow Blast

Up: Hover

LectroYE  Lectro Creates a massive electric shock that damages all nearby players (except the summoner)  TBA
MarioSMBW-1- MGX The dude with the powers of Mario is here to fight!

Neutral: Fire Ball

Side: Koopa Shell Kick

Up: Cape Feather 

Enderman Enderman Teleports random players to random hazardous places on the map (bottomless pits,spikes, lava, etc.) for 15 seconds.  TBA
Legendary L-PF Legendary Pop-Fizz has come to show the high and mighties whose Boss! Neutral = Mountain Dew Explosives

Right = Slash Up = Spring Jump

YErubberYE Rubber Jumps around the stage, clawing people and turning into various weapons and harmful objects TBA
Iceboy3D Ice The kid with Ice powers is here to battle!

Neutral:Ice Blast

Right: Ice Kick

Up: Uppercut

Mylan 2

Mylan Starlight

Casts magic spells all around the stage, which harms enemies. TBA
White White The popopo is here to battle!

Neutral: Boomstick

Side:Splash Potion

Up: Dragoon

Ssbfkirby Kirby Swallows the nearest opponents, and then spits them out into a bottomless pit or another harmful place. TBA
Sqauv Hammy The squavocado is here to fight!

Neutral: Avocado

Side: Sword

Up: Tail Whack

2968 paper-mario-sticker-star-prev

Paper Mario

He kicks koopa shells all over the battlefield and uses his hammer.  TBA