Fantendo Universe is an action MMORPG developed by Inora alongside various other members of Fantendo. The game allows players to create and control their own characters, with abilities, species, worlds, and NPCs from the Fantendoverse. Fantendo Universe takes place in an alternate continuity.

Released in 2015 for all computers, the game has gotten (TBA) reception. It's also the first installment on the Fantendo Universe series, with talks about a MOBA and Card Game installment.



People of the Fantendoverse learn of a new villain, a mysterious deity known as "The Threat". Players take control of one of three alignments: heroes, villains, and anti-heroes. The factions fight, but in the end they must team up to defeat the mysterious mutual threat...



Character Creation

Character creation is large and varied. This stage is cosmetic though, as other things are determined later on. Players can choose from creating a Beorn or Human, and from there can change skin color, weight, height, eye color, fur color, and all that good stuff.


Combat is a third person action game. Player's use various weapons and special abilities(which drain from their special meter) to deplete the health of their enemy. Some foes have unique weaknesses as well. To make things easier, the game automatically targets nearby foes.

Levelling up, Skills

Fantendo Universe does NOT feature Classes, a bit of a departure from most MMOs. Instead, players all start from a single point from which they can branch out.

Collecting XP from Missions, battling, and other activities will eventually level up players. From there, they can choose to upgrade their Health or Skills. These Skills vary widely, including healing, transportation, and combat skills that can be earned. Buying Skills also increases the player's special meter automatically, and unlocks other skills to buy later on.

Players also start Neutral, and by doing good deeds/evil deeds can tilt to which side they want to join. Depending on your Morality, you'll be able to unlock certain skills, visit special areas, and take up missions from different characters.













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