Wrath of Malice is the story mode for Fantendo Ultimate Alliance: REDUX.

Chapter 1:Fan Castle

It was early morning in the fantendoverse, when a young kid named Rubber awoke from his room in the Fan Castle (Unten's Castle).Slighty drowsy, Rubber got up,and went downstairs to see where the others were.When he got downstairs,he saw Sixty-Four and Takashi sparring in the training room. From watching the two spar ,Rubber always wondered what it would be like to fight in a major battle like the rest of his friends, but sadly he was too young to partake in such fights,Plus he could only morph into simple things like flails and daggers.Just then Unten came up behind Rubber startling him enough for him to yell and make Sixty and Takashi lose their consentration.Unten,noticing how Rubber admired Sixty-Four and Takashi's fighting,offers to train with Rubber,so he would be ready for battle when he was needed. (FIGHT: RUBBER AND UNTEN)

Chapter 2: An Adventure Ensuse

After the fight,depending on who you play with Unten will either say (if Rubber won) "You have grown strong,but there are some things you need to master" or (if Unten won) "I admire your burning desire to win,but you have a long way to go".Soon after,Unten brushes himself off,he then announces that there is an intense mission,that involves taking down a pack of Gumbrawl  in the Torival Region.Sixty and Takashi set off for Torival,However Rubber is not allowed to go on the mission,but instead has to help Unten clean the castle.After a long 4 hours of dusting,polishing and picking up Takashi's underwear (gross!) had passed ,Rubber was exhausted.Then as Rubber leaned against the wall, the wall had moved to reveal a secret passage.Unten, upon noticing the hole decides to investigate with a cowering Rubber holding on to him as tightly as possible.After,getting to the bottom of a long winding starecase,the 2 eventually end up at some sort of study,belonging to Unten's older brother Spunten.When they get close to the heart of the study,Unten notices Spunten's Journal and starts to read it. Inside the journal,there is some old Beorninian language translating to "One who's heart envies other doesn't have a heart at all"......

Chapter 3: A Fiery Spirit Burns Hard

  • Mika Sho's and Ujori's Debut*

Chapter 4: Strange Readings.....

  • During the Mission Sixty sense some strange reading that could affect the fantendoverse*

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