Textual Changes

  • Originally in the game, Ujori's description was going to say "Ujori is a brave 14 year old that carries around a kickass lazer gun" this was removed due to this being a kids game
  • Originally in ApplePeach's description, her home kingdom was going to be mispronunce cookieland, this was corrected to be Cookieville.
  • Originally Takashi was going to be named Xerniah.His name was replaced because Xernaih sounded too Cliche.

Astetic changes

  • Originally Takashi Was going to be a girl
  • Sixty four had a bowl-cut in the beta
  • Mika Sho was intended to be more "chibi-ish"
  • Originally Kyle's 2nd costume was intended to be a kumatora based costume,but it was changed to look like Claus.
  • Did you know that Ujori was originally going to have a teal sweater,a blue tie and a bowl-cut in his artwork.

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