Fantendo Tennis Superstars is a game made by Vaccum Inc. (and many other companies that put their characters in) for Vaccum Player and Nintendo Wii. This game is played like Mario Tennis games. If you want to your character or court be here, ask in article's talk.

Fantendo Tennis Superstars
Developer(s) MFGCLogo

Other companies

Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Vaccum Player

Nintendo Wii

Release Date(s)
EU 3 September 2010

USA 1 September

JAP 28 July 2010

AUS 12 September 2010

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Age Rating(s)
ERating3RatingCERO A
Genre(s) Sport/RPG
Media Included Nintendo Wii Disc

Vaccum Disc


Story Mode

Story Mode is played like in Mario Tennis: Power Tour. At the beginning, you can choose which character you want to play:

  • McBoo
  • Pesh
  • Purple Koopa Bro.
  • Moyan
  • Clyde
  • 3.14
  • RedYoshi
  • Lemmykoopa24
  • Dashed Koopa
  • Karma
  • YoshiEgg Nook
  • Micool The Master
  • Ella Metals

You them will must play tennis matches to get to Champion Tourmanent. In Story Mode,you can also unlock chalenges from unlockable characters.

Challenge Mode

This mode is unlocked after you get first challenge. In this mode,you will fight unlockable characters you meet in Story Mode. Its only one mode where you can unlock characters.


This mode is played like in Mario Power Tennis. There are different cups,that you must finish to unlock new courts.

Free Play

Choose your character,opponent and court. You can play this up to 4 players.

Online Play

You can play online using Wi-Fi connection or Mario Play connection.


Default Characters

Name Type Description Defensive Power Shot


Power Shot

McBoo All-Around This cute and pink Boo with bow tie,comes to the tennis court! Boo Shield

Boo Team


Dashed Koopa Speed Dashed Koopa,with his new abilities,make appearance in the court! Shell Defence Boxing Punch
Shroobster Tricky Dashed's rival comes for some tennis play!He is very tricky,so watch out! UFO Recovery Laser Ball
Zen Guy Technique A very intelligent Shy Guy,comes to the court with his tennis rocket. Techique Jump Spling Shot
Purple Koopa Bro. Technique Most awesome Koopa Bro. use his ninja powers to defeat enemies at the court! Invisible Return Ninja Kick
Moyan All-Around The awesome stickman joins the tennis fray! Dagger Return Sweet Call
Karma Defense Yoshi-Koopa hybrid comes to tennis court! Sisters Defence Spike Attack
3.14 Skill The black silhouette from Pi Tribe joins play on the court! Pie Return Pie Shoot
YoshiEgg Nook All-Around Well know green tanooki comes to the court! Random Return Random Shoot
Bloop Speed YoshiEgg Nook's Blooper friend joins the tennis fray! Ink Comeback Squid Rocket
Micool The Master Power The prince of Micool Castle Town comes with with his powerful abilities! Micool Guy Return Inferno Offense
Mick Cool Tricky Micool's good friend comes to some tennis play! Freeze Defence Snowball Shot
Lemmykoopa24 Speed The owner of New Koopa Troop come to play on tennis court! Magic Return Invention Blast
Clyde Technique Tatran Army's leader,Clyde, joins the tennis fray! Tatran Army also comes here to help him! Tatran Army Command Tatran Army Shoot
Pesh Skill A resident and hero of Pushopolis comes for some tennis play! Pushy Return Dagger Slash
Ella Metals Defence Metal bending girl now joins the play on tennis court! Metalic Defence Metal Attack
RedYoshi All-Around A red Yoshi comes to the tinnis court! He is very well balanced. Egg Return Tongue Rocket

Unlockable Characters

Name Type Description Offensive Power Shoot Defensive Power Shoot
Tatan Defense PKB's longtime enemy comes to the court! Wing Speed Shoot Flying Comeback
Speedy Speed PKB's Bumpty friend returns with his speed to the court! Speed Return Extreme Dash
Toadtool Skill Famous inventor from Wasresh City,runs to the court! Wrench Smash Vaccum Protect
Commander Koopa Power Commander of Koopa Army comes to rule the tennis court! Army Command Army Defence
Ybrik Speed The square Kirby,Ybrik joins the tennis fray! Split Attack Inhale Return
4.13 Technique 3.14's brother comes to the tennis court! Mecha Rocket Robo Return
The Groo Power Nook's arch-enemy come to play on tennis court! Body Slam Groo Defence
M'lcho All-Around The tanooki from Ancient times come to present,to tennis court! Ancient Shoot Tanooki Tribe
Groudous Maximus Power Evil enemy of Micool's come to destroy him once for all,in tennis court! Maximus Punch Gonard Return
Cosmic Skill A captain of New Koopa Troop comes to the tennis court! Flutter Kick Tongue Return
Baby Karma Speed Karma's younger self,makes into the court!



Speed Recover
Timer Power Karma's good friend joins to the tennis play! Multi Kick Egg Return
Flame Defence Clyde's arch-enemy,come here to defeat him in the court! English Army Smash English Army Return
O'Lantern Technique McBoo's best friend comes to the court! Claw Slash



Haunty Mole Power Dark Monty Mole from Dark Troop, comes to finish all of his enemies! Dark Storm Dig Return
Pashie All- Around Pesh's preety and nice girlfriend, uses all her skills to play tennis! Pushy Bounce Pushy Surfing
Andy Pasta Speed Controlling pasta boy comes to tennis court! Pasta Shoot Pasta Defence


Default Courts

Name Description Gimmicks
Wasresh City Court Dashed Koopa's home town returns as a court! When you enter this court as Dashed Koopa character,something will happen... None.
Micool Castle Town Court Micool's town appears as a court! Don't attack any building (mostly castle),or Micool Guys come to attack! Micool Guys,Giranha Plants,Gonard
McBoo's Mansion Court Court placed in McBoo Mansion. There is many Boos. Watch out for them, and for Dark Troop! Boos,Dark Troop

Unlockable Courts



Omega Castle Court Court placed in Omega Castle. This place is very tricky! Every 1 minute,a trap will appear. All traps from Omega Castle.

Power Shoot

There are descriptions what a power shoot do.


  • McBoo - Team Boo Shoot: McBoo summon some Boos, and later, all Boos attack ball with great power
  • YoshiEgg Nook - Random Shoot: YoshiEgg uses a random power shot.



  • Target Throw: Throw as many tennis balls as you can to targets!


Default Characters

Unlockable Characters


List of all series that appears in game:


  • YoshiEgg Nook can use any character power shoot, hovever its random what it be.
  • In Wasresh City Court, if you play as a Dashed Koopa character in Night Mode, a light will appear on your character.