Main Characters

  • Unten: A young Beorn who wants to help his friends in any way he can, despite not knowing the full story about his past.
  • Mika Sho: A shy yet intelligent young girl who has fire powers. Despite this, she usually doesn't want to hurt anyone. 
  • Flip: A friendly frog and one of Unten's best friends, Flip is also en expert banjo player.
  • Hama: A Doragon girl who is easily enraged, how she puts up with everyone else's shenanigans is beyond me. 
  • Squav: Squav is the leader of the Squavocado race, but tends not to take his leadership too seriously. Despite this, he's always ready to whip out his sword, Exulbore, and bust some baddies. Well, almost always. 
  • Danny: A young boy who is the epitomy of optimism. However, he can be quick to judge at times and strives to be in the spotlight whenever he has an opportunity. 
  • Umbra: A kid who likes to show off at times, but deep down cares for his friends. He also has a crush on Mika. 

Secondary Characters

  • Locky: A detective who, despite being quite clumsy, is always ready to solve a case. 
  • Libra: Easily the most level-headed of the group, Libra can intercept thoughts, which can come in pretty handy at times.  
  • Felix the Great: A friend of the team who boasts on about war stories that 9.5 out of 10 of the times didn't even happen. However, despite his egotistical and bombastic attitude, he still can give the group some valuable lessons sometimes.
  • Zerita: A mysterious Catonea who seems to have known about Unten's past, she and Unten become rivals later on in the series.
  • Doomulus Grime: A cold-hearted villain who is assumed to be responsible for Zeon's destruction. He is the main antagonist of the series and is the head of Grimecorp.
  • Data: A sarcastic cyborg who likes to joke around with his friends, but when he gets serious, oh, he gets SERIOUS. 
  • Kid Kiba: A young, depressed vampire who likes being alone. He also tends to use more common sense then the others.
  • Samantha Chi: Despite being Kiba's girlfriend, she is the complete opposite to Kiba. She is bubbly, cheery, and tends to be oblivious to Kiba's personal issues sometimes. Despite this, she usually tries to help him out, but the results aren't always so pretty. 
  • Fandro: A wisecracking Blob who wields a laser gun and enjoys pulling pranks with Data from time to time. 
  • Miranda: A girl who tries to be the voice of reason in the group. At least, when anyone is willing to listen to her. Despite this, she likes to joke around and have fun with the others at times.
  • Scratch Kat: A sarcastic goofball who likes to play video games and eat marshmallows all day. He usually doesn't participate in the battles due to his laziness.

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