Fantendo Super Sluggers is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Please do not edit except for spelling errors.


Somewhere on RedYoshi's Island, a baseball tournament was being held. The prize was a golden baseball bat and ball and the honor of going up against Doomulus Grime in the ultimate baseball challenge. Many Fantendo characters signed up and put themselves in random teams to participate in the greatest baseball tournament in the history of Fantendo.


( * = Captain)


Unten Beorns

3.14 Pies

4.13 Antis

RedYoshi Eggs

BlackYoshi Shadows

YoshiEgg Shopkeepers

Litle P Pokemon

Ella Steel Shapers

McBoo Sprits

Oshtyo Meer Hues

Sinless Devils

Smile Ghostborns

PalmMan Robots


Fantendo Castle

McBoo's Mansion

RedYoshi's Island

YoshiEgg's Shack

Inter-Universe Anti Universe Merge Federation

Oshtyo's Village


More to Come!!!


The gameplay is similar to that of Mario Super Sluggers.



RedYoshi's artwork for the game.

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