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Fantendo Strikeforce is a game made by Yukimazan (tbc). It involves fighting opponents in a 3D fighting arena style.


Coming Soon!


Characters-Orbs-Kaiden Attacks-Ultima Form-Primary weapon-Secondary weapon

Orok-No orbs-Meta-Continuum-Final Form-White Rook-Nacronium Knife

YoshiEgg Nook-Dark orbs-Kaiden Attack-YE Nook Boo-Dark orbs-Podoboo Whip

Oxus- No orbs-Kaiden Attack-Super Oxus-Ystyle

Bloop- No orbs-Ink Pool-Gooper Bloop-Ink Balls-Pearl Bombs

LK24 - Thunder Orb - Kaiden attack - Lemmykoopa0 - Wand Of Truth

Dashed-Thunder Orb-Awakening Geyser-Ultimate Champ Dashed-Sword Of Inferno-Tiger Whip


Characters can use different weapons as a secondary weapons. Primary weapon are mainly used for the character and cannot be changed unless it`s the same weapon as the character use. Weapon types are divided into six categories:

Sword- An ordinary type weapon which is common to everyone.

Technique- Technique weapons are from weapons that can use magic for example a cane.

Bow- Using a bow to shoot arrows at your opponents.

Staff- Staff weapons such as cudgels and ninchakus uses chains or staffs to make it.

Pike- Weapons that look like axes.

Spear- This weapon is sometimes used by soldiers but some officers even use it. == ==


Sword moveset:

2-Swings left.

22-Swings left then right.

222-Swings left then right then upwards.

2222-Swings left then right then upwards then downwards.

22222-Swings left then right then upwards then downwards then crouches while doing a circular spin attack right to left.

222222-Swings left then right then upwards then downwards then crouches while doing a circular spin attack right to left then slices down.

1-Crouches down holding the sword near the waist then slices.

21-Slices diagonally upwards from left

211-Slices diagonally upwards from left then right.

221-Thrusts forward stabbing the foe.

2211-Thrust forward then stabbing the foe then lifts the opponent into the air and does a sword uppercut.

2221-Does a 360 sword swing.

22211-Does a 360 sword swing two times.

22221-Swings left,right then jumps while hitting the ground causing an area shockwave.

222221-Stabs the sword on the ground causing a streaming shockwave.

2 while in air(press repeatedly to do more of the same attack until six times.)-Swings his sword left to right then repeatedly.

1 while in air(press repeatedly until three times.)-Slices right, left then swings causing an airwave that goes down to the ground or follows the foe if nearby.

Holding 1-Holds the sword on the waist then swings causing an airwave. The longer it charges, the bigger the wave.


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