TerrorBoy looks around wondering what's happening

19:43 <Hector>: Oh, hi

19:43 <Hector>: Who are you?

19:43 <TerrorBoy>: Hey, your a Scribblenaut!

19:43 TerrorBoy growls

19:44 TerrorBoy looks like a Scribblenaut with tatterred clothes, angry face and a way-too-big-sword

19:44 <Hector>: Oh, 1337doom?

19:45 <TerrorBoy>: (Shush, we're in character.)

19:46 <Hector>: Hey, I made this chatroom y'know

19:48 <ChanServ>: Welcome to Fantendo's chatroom. Muahaha.

19:48 <TerrorBoy>: (Shush, we're in character)

19:50 +++ ChanServ has given voice to JesseRoo

19:50 <JesseRoo>: Hello

19:50 <JesseRoo>: I am revived

19:50 <JesseRoo>: By the power of greed

19:51 <TerrorBoy>: Oh really?

19:51 <TerrorBoy>: Well who are you?

19:51 <JesseRoo>: The guy that died and then possessed a girl and was going to get married to Greedy Punk

19:51 <JesseRoo>: But that is not important

19:51 TerrorBoy looks like a Scribblenaut with tatterred clothes, angry face and a way-too-big-sword

19:51 <JesseRoo>: Because you have a lame name and so that means I have to kill you

19:51 JesseRoo slaps TerrorBoy

19:51 TerrorBoy chants the following ancient chant

19:51 <TerrorBoy>: By the powers within me....... destroy JesseRoo

19:52 *** JesseRoo is now known as JessicaRoo

19:52 <JessicaRoo>: By the power of transforming, I survive

19:52 <JessicaRoo>: :P

19:52 TerrorBoy swings my huge sword onto JessicaRoo's head

19:52 JessicaRoo kisses TerrorBoy

19:53 TerrorBoy wipes his mouth in disgust

19:53 <TerrorBoy>: You'll pay for that!

19:53 JessicaRoo gives TerrorBoy a dollar

19:53 TerrorBoy takes dollar

19:53 <TerrorBoy>: Your weird....

19:53 <JessicaRoo>: Your welcome

19:53 JessicaRoo slaps TerrorBoy

19:54 <TerrorBoy>: Ow!

19:54 <JessicaRoo>: I'm sorry

19:54 TerrorBoy swings sword through JessicaRoo's heart

19:54 <JessicaRoo>: Let's be friends

19:54 <TerrorBoy>: BWAHAHAHAHAHHA!

19:54 <JessicaRoo>: How can you swing your sword through my heart

19:54 <JessicaRoo>: It would have to be a stab 19:54 <JessicaRoo>: Unless you just cut me in half

19:54 <TerrorBoy>: I cut you in half then! Now stop talking dead person!

19:55 *** JessicaRoo is now known as TorsoRoo

19:55 <TerrorBoy>: lol

19:55 <TorsoRoo>: TerrorBoy...

19:55 <TorsoRoo>: I must know...

19:55 <TorsoRoo>: Your long and angsty backstory...

19:55 <TerrorBoy>: O really?

19:55 <TorsoRoo>: please...

19:55 TorsoRoo coughs up blood

19:55 <TorsoRoo>: My last wish...

19:55 <TerrorBoy>: Fine, then, I shall type it right now in a really long post.

19:55 <Greedy_Punk>: omg

19:56 <Greedy_Punk>: I just put my VP X360 CD on my PC

19:56 <Greedy_Punk>: it workssssss

19:56 <TorsoRoo>: universal flux

19:56 <Greedy_Punk>: loljk

19:56 <Fred_the_Purple_Monkey|Away>: Gah!

19:56 <TorsoRoo>: Why did you feel like mentionin g that while your fiance was busy being cut in half

19:57 <TorsoRoo>: Anyway

19:57 <Greedy_Punk>: "(The friend that you are trading with must play Viva Pi�ata on the same gaming platform as you. It is not possible to ship Pi�atas between Xbox Live and Games for Windows gardens.) "

19:57 <Greedy_Punk>: oh noes

19:57 <TerrorBoy>: Once upon a time, I was born wherever Scribblenauts are born and then I was trained to become a Scribblenaut but a bully at school beat me up for drawing because he has no imagination, then he told me imagination was worthless so I gave up my scribbly way

19:57 <Greedy_Punk>: ;-;

19:57 <Greedy_Punk>: Jesse

19:57 <Greedy_Punk>: read that

19:57 <Greedy_Punk>: TorsoRoo

19:57 <Fred_the_Purple_Monkey|Away>: Shoot!

19:57 <Greedy_Punk>: TorsoRoo

19:57 <Greedy_Punk>: TorsoRoo

19:57 <Greedy_Punk>: TorsoRoo

19:58 <TorsoRoo>: Thankyou TerrorBoy for giving me your long and angsty backstory

19:58 <Greedy_Punk>: oh wait

19:58 <Greedy_Punk>: wrong chat

19:58 <TorsoRoo>: Once again I say, universal flux

19:58 <TorsoRoo>: Anyway

19:58 +++ ChanServ has given voice to Mick

19:58 <TorsoRoo>: Greedy Punk, you must quickly scam someone out of having legs and give them to me

19:58 <Greedy_Punk>: I SHALL BEAT YOU ALL

19:58 Greedy_Punk falls asleep

19:59 <TerrorBoy>: Goodnight.

19:59 Greedy_Punk gives TorsoRoo legs before he falls asleep

19:59 TorsoRoo shouts in Greedy Punk's ear

19:59 *** TorsoRoo is now known as JessicaRoo

19:59 <JessicaRoo>: I AM WHOLE AGAIN

19:59 <TerrorBoy>: Coolio

19:59 <TerrorBoy>: Now I must kill you!

19:59 <JessicaRoo>: Now quick while GP is asleep, let's make out TerrorBoy

19:59 <JessicaRoo>: Hey wait

19:59 <TerrorBoy>: NUUUUUUUUUU

19:59 <TerrorBoy>: KILL!

19:59 <JessicaRoo>: Now now now

19:59 JessicaRoo runs away

19:59 TerrorBoy curses in anger

TO BE CONTINUED!.........................................

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