<JesseRoo>: waitaminute

19:57 <JesseRoo>: Where's Logbot?

19:58 <TerrorBoy>: I dunno

19:58 <TerrorBoy>: I'll make a log tho

19:58 <JesseRoo>: We should go on an epic quest to find Logbot!

19:58 *** JesseRoo is now known as JessicaRoo

19:58 JessicaRoo murders JesseRoo 19:58 <JessicaRoo>: mwahahahaha 19:58 <TerrorBoy>: Now to go and find Logbot!

19:59 <JessicaRoo>: indeed 19:59 JessicaRoo looks under a rock 19:59 TerrorBoy looks in my ear 19:59 JessicaRoo looks in between TerrorBoy's toes 19:59 TerrorBoy looks in OVER 9000000 PLACES!

20:00 <JessicaRoo>: I believ we are looking in the wrong spot 20:00 <TerrorBoy>: Me too 20:00 TerrorBoy looks in the Rite Spot 20:00 <JessicaRoo>: OOC: fix that typo when you log that 20:00 <TerrorBoy>: ok

20:00 <JessicaRoo>: hmmmmmm 20:00 <JessicaRoo>: I think... the secret lies with Hector! 20:01 <TerrorBoy>: Well let us find that accursed Scribblenaut! (dun dun dun dun dun dun dun! zelda theme plays) 20:01 <JessicaRoo>: Who had previously exploded after eating Shrooby's DS's 20:01 <TerrorBoy>: Oh ya 20:01 TerrorBoy looks in Shrooby's DS

20:01 <JessicaRoo>: how does that make any sense? 20:01 <JessicaRoo>: the DS didn't eat him, he ate the DS 20:01 <TerrorBoy>: Since when has this ever made sense? 20:02 <JessicaRoo>: Turned out it was actually a bomb and caused Hector to explode 20:02 <TerrorBoy>: Yeah but then Hector went to Domino Land

20:02 <JessicaRoo>: Are we just retelling what happened previously? 20:02 <TerrorBoy>: No 20:02 <TerrorBoy>: Maybe 20:02 <TerrorBoy>: Yes 20:02 <TerrorBoy>: ...

(in the works-rest coming soon)

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