Fantendo Story is a story series written by multiple users that takes place in #fantendoRP.


  • Hemu: A master of Hemuspeak, and other magics. He originally seems helpful but ends up killing YoshiEgg and Nightwolf.
  • Nightwolf: A wolf who was transported into this universe mysteriously.
  • Greedy Punk: GP originally appeared as Shroobario, a conman and mage. He later shows his true form as Greedy Punk, and sends Nightwolf and YE on a pointless quest in Greedland.
  • JesseRoo and JessicaRoo: Two siblings that are deranged, both join the Greedy Side(Jessica tries to marry GP), and both die.
  • JesseR00: JesseR00 is a genetic clone of JesseRoo who has the powers to destroy Greedland, thus killing YE and Nightwolf, he originally goes by the moniker of DarkHairedMan.
  • Fred the Purple Monkey: A monkey plush toy who has the power of channeling Mick's Hemuspeak powers, he somehow escapes Greedland and escapes his death. He is searching for a way to return to his world
  • YoshiEgg: A tanooki who helps out Nightwolf, he is ultimately killed with Nightwolf during Greedland's destruction.
  • Smile: The famous star of Ghost Smile (series). He appears in Fantendo story as a somewhat minor hero.
  • Mick: Hemu's Hemuspeak apprentice. He needs Fred to channel his powers.
  • Spark: The creator of the world. Hemu's Hemuspeak apprentice. Constantly mentioned, but rarely seen.
  • Hector: A scribblenaut who joined the Fantendo story out of boredom. Hemu's third apprentice.
  • TerrorBoy: An evil Scribblenaut who tries to destroy Hector and JessicaRoo. May possibly become JessicaRoo's boyfriend, but is highly unlikely because of TerrorBoy's sad and angst-filled backstory.
  • Tucker: Some guy who came and tried to get into Greedy Land, the new Greedland, but eventually was killed by Hemu and thrown into his old world, and he comes back alive and joins a band.
  • Wheelie Penguin: A Penguin with the soul of Tucker, got trapped in a black whole sphere and self destructed.
  • Thunder: YE's son, a tanooki who got frustrated trying to kill Hemu. Probably might come back and actually find Spark and win the game instead of trying to fight Hemu.
  • Will01: a strange being born within the world, not taken into it like the others. Is currently being accompanied by Henry.
  • Henry: A moose who is the servant of Hemu, is currently adventuring with Will.
  • Lord Nub-Nub: A Superhero with a cape, and presumably tights. He looks like a moose, does he have some connection with Henry?
  • ToagiWiff: A Raccoon-dog who was from a species that killed many moose tribes.


Main Story

Special episodes

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